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  1. Thanks again for the responses. I have rung around a little bit, and for a similar price as the Stentor Student 2, there is a 'Hofner'available. I have also found a Raggetti outfit for AUS$396. Its a little more, but a step up from the Stentor so I'm told. This particular luthier offered to play several of them for me to give a feel for the different sounds produced... so I'll be making an appointment soonish! Cheers, josh
  2. Is there such a thing as having hands particularly suited to playing the violin? Do teachers/students out there think its a relevant factor in one's ability to play? e.g. are long slender fingers better than shorter stubby ones!? Or does finger dexterity/agility/ability all get back to that one word... 'practise'!?
  3. oh whoops! was that Croydon in NSW!? perhaps thats not as much of an option!
  4. Thanks everyone. All this has been very helpful. I'm in Melbourne, so the Croydon option might be a good one. I'm not far from there. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all, I am a 25 year old who is contemplating taking up violin... I have fast learned that one can pay an almost unlimited amount for a violin and accessories. However, (!) I am not an individual with an unlimited amount of money at my disposal! (who is!?) My local music shop only has 'Stentor' violins available. Whilst I realise that these would probably be considered 'bottom of the range' (probably in terms of price and quality - AUS$ 250.00) it seems to me that this is the best option for me. Just wondering... has anyone any thoughts on or experience with these violins? Also... I have considered myself too old for starting up violin for the last 5 years or so! I guess thats 5 years experience I could have had by now isn't it? 'just do it' comes to mind. Is there anyone who has been in my situation? started late? (I'm sure there is...) If so, encouragement would be most appreciated!!! cheers.
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