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  1. Wonderful answer,Enthusiast! I play viola, and I am often asked what the difference is in technique between that and the violin...this description is succinct and to the point. Thank you, Howqua, for asking the question! Shirley
  2. David - thank you very much for the information. I have e-mailed Pastor Patterson and I expect to get official "permission" to send the strings along to him. I'll let you know when the "transaction" is completed! Shirley
  3. Sreizes: Thanks for the idea! I'm supposing local schools could use help. I'll keep a look out. Shirley
  4. David - I went to KTUU.com, and indeed it sounds like a marvelous program! If they could use a few sets of new or nearly new viola strings (good ones), I would like to send them. Please let me know! Thanks you! By the way, I lived in Whittier, just through the tunnel from Anchorage, in the '50s, when my husband was in the navy. (In Adak before that.) We had just been married, and that was rather a honeymoon I love Alaska! (We are in Colorado now.) Shirley
  5. Thank you, David - could you give me a way to contact this group? It sounds like a worth-while venture! Shirley
  6. Hello all - Would any of you have knowledge of an underfunded string group that takes donations of strings, either new or slightly used? I believe there are a few in other countries, and maybe here in the US, too, but I don't have any particulars. I sure would appreciate any references. Thank you much. Shirley
  7. Shirl


    Steve - I can't be of help to you, but I do want to observe the images...I apparently can't get non-membership-to-google access? Shirley
  8. Mark - thanks for posting this...I really was in need of a laugh-out-loud moment this morning! Shirley
  9. Hello All - I'm wondering if any of you use, or are familiar enough with the La Musica shoulder rest to help me with the method of adjustment to fit my (smallish) viola? I recently purchased the "professional" model, but I can't adjust the forward-backward angle so that the feet meet the edges correctly. Perhaps this is not possible? If anyone has any suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate it, as otherwise I will have to return the rest...and it is so beautiful. Thanks! Shirley
  10. M and M and M and M: Ah - the Arcus gold cadenza bow - I have the plain cadenza bow, and do like it. I wonder if the gold one plays better? Or if the "new" styles do, so we will both be on the lookout for user reviews. Thanks again for responding! Shirley
  11. Metc. - Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I am sorry that I have been so long in getting back to you - traveling with no (to speak of) WiFi) I appreciate your comments. You really do like your Coda bow? When I tried them years ago they didn't work for me, but I don't believe the gold version was available then. I will just keep an ear open for any addition opinions. Thanks again for replying. Shirley
  12. I see that Arcus bows is coming out with a "new improved version." I have one of the "old" ones, and wonder if the new ones are markedly better - has anyone been able to try one? (I suppose my older bow is now worth less than when I bought it? Oh well, I didn't buy carbon fiber for an investment Thanks! Shirley
  13. Fubbie - that's what I thought, too...Shirley
  14. Well, if this isn't ever nifty of you - Thank you!! Shirley
  15. Zefir - That was it - thanks! What an interesting thread - I'm glad I didn't have to miss it. Shirley
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