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  1. Thank you- I miss it. Never did guard duty though, pretty sure I wouldn't have lasted 27.
  2. I met Tom Sparks a couple years ago we just stopped in his shop to see what he had for sale. I'm sure if I go to one of the music stores in Nashville they can tell me how to reach Bruce.
  3. I retired from a life of stress so I find a certain amount of pissing around enjoyable. Heck at my age if you can piss at all you are doing well. My goal is to eventually build a fiddle suitable for Alison Krauss and give them to young people who would appreciate them. Building $40K violins is not in my future. My wife and I ran around in the bluegrass circuit for about 10 years; my wife fiddles and I play guitar. We just got tired of doing the same songs over and over. At one particular fiddle contest a young girl had a "cheap" Stainer copy that sounded crazy amazing. She won her division and were I a rich man I would have offered her stupid money to buy that copy. I personally really like the Stainer design, as much as I like the person Jacob Stainer. Learning about the man and building his designs (I bought the Strad 1679 poster) is something I want to pursue. My motivation is to build one of those with that crazy amazing sound I heard 7 years ago. Should have bought that thing.
  4. Must be why I'm attracted to this type of work. Did 27 in the military; a year in Somalia and a year in Afghanistan. The cracking noises I hear now are just me getting out of bed.
  5. Nice restore job Guido! You've convinced me to at least try this.
  6. For the first time in my life do I wish I could pick boogers, but ah too late! Nowhere else in MN did anyone provide this sage wisdom.
  7. I glued up the sound post side to give this plate more stability for removing the bass bar tomorrow. Because it's my first 2 minutes of gluing panic, I smeared a bit too much on either side of the crack, so I'll be scraping off the excess this week. Jacob is right in saying this is not a particularly terrifying repair, but being my first I was plenty nervous, especially when you hear those cracking sounds popping that top off!
  8. Jacob you got over 7000 posts! I'm sure you have helped a lot of people and I bet those you helped deeply appreciated it. Problem is, there's no "like" or "love" button on these posts. Don't ever think your help is not appreciated. I don't know if this thing will turn out good, but if it does one of my 8 grand kids will end up with it and hopefully along with it a love for the skill of playing it.
  9. Thanks Andreas- Seems like I did 500 hours of reading and youtube before ordering a sacrificial fiddle to practice my butchery . I got the impression form all that reading that a plaster cast should be done at least to have a proper cradle for excavating the bass bar. If I didn't do a cast, how would you setup for removing a bass bar? I know if this is your profession, speed and efficiency are a must for profit and customer care. I won't have that issue in the immediate future. FWIW I really appreciate those who take 15 minutes to help struggling amateurs. There's no violin luthiers that I know of outside of an hour drive from where I'm at in southern Indiana.
  10. Agree it not a total basket case, but if you add up all that needs done this is about a $3200 repair job (after all the above is done + replacing fingerboard, regluing the top and complete setup). Estimate came from researching what others charge and averaging. So the purpose of the post was to ensure I was ensure I was doing things in the right order. Enlighten me!
  11. Slightly better photo, I opened the crack so it can be seen.
  12. The crack runs cleanly from bottom to top right along the edge of the bar. It does appear that the crack crosses the grain where it is holding together in the middle but I'll need to get my magnifying glasses out to be sure. The top measurement is 12mm exactly as you said. The bottom from center at it's widest is 17mm, 2mm further to the outside than you recommended.
  13. That might be a camera angle illusion, I'll get some actual measurements today and post a better picture. I do know the crack runs in perfect parallel with the inside edge of the bar.
  14. Is that possible without damaging the top?
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