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  1. I must say that I love this recording. I have listened to little else since May.
  2. Please forgive me if this is a naive-sounding question, but does anyone else hear a definite bass line (the last note of the preceding bar + first note of the bar) in this piece? If I could play this (which I can't, yet) I would want to bring those two notes out somehow, not just the first note of every bar.
  3. Sure you can make up your own exercises, but it would be helpful to have at least a few things written down so you don't forget how to read (it is a desert island, after all).
  4. (viola here) - Flesch, Mazas, Bach Cello Suites, a few sheets each of Schradieck and the Sevcik bowing exercises.
  5. I use one for my viola. I've modified the rest a little and it looks even weirder than usual, but it works well for me.
  6. I am currently using a set of Ambers on my viola, with the twisty A. After the settling-in period (a few days), I liked them pretty well. Prior to that, I was pretty much in love with Vision Solo CGD + Jargar A, or Vision Solo C + Passione GD + Jargar A. The Ambers are less expensive, but don't seem as long-lasting (the A is starting to sound false after about a month). They also sound thin in low humidity, but my viola tends that way anyhow.
  7. My teacher goes away every summer, so one summer I took Skype lessons from Scott Slapin (see recommendation upthread). I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went, and how much I was able to learn. Scott is an excellent teacher, and it shows, even over Skype. The biggest limitations I encountered were problems related to bandwidth and internet connection. Also, since I live in the lightning capital of the world (W Central Florida), we sometimes had to work around thunderstorms and power outages. All in all, it was a very good experience.
  8. I stand at lessons, and to practice unless I'm really exhausted, in which case I sit in a cushy spinning "office" chair which is completely unsuitable, but it's the only chair around. For chamber music and orchestra, I sit on whatever they give me. I prefer a chair that lets me perch on the front, specifically the front right corner, so I can get my legs into a violist's sprawl.
  9. It works because you die of pain.
  10. I am impressed by the ability of so many of you to memorize and develop a repertoire. As a bass guitarist and player/writer-of-songs (in another lifetime long ago) I played completely by ear and had probably hundreds of songs in my pocket, none as complex as the viola music I play now, but not all dead-simple either. But on viola, I learn a piece or an etude for lessons/orchestra/recital and then it goes zoom completely out of my head afterward. Thank goodness I've become much better at reading. At the moment I am working on some pieces for chamber-music camp later this summer, as well as taking my 3rd or 4th stab at chunks of the 1st Cello Suite.
  11. Yes, yes, yes! Disclaimer: I am new to "classical" (non-pop) music, and my "education" is all over the place. Two years ago I was driving home from work listening to the radio, and something came on that almost made me run off the road. I thought, "oh my god, what is this, and who wrote it, and how have I lived my whole life without ever having heard it?" It was Ives' String Quartet No 1, and I remain smitten to this day.
  12. Oooh, I am going to listen to that as soon as I get home from work. Thanks for posting.
  13. I have not posted enough times to be allowed to vote in a poll. That's a tough question. I have always liked Evah Pirazzi and loved the Golds when they came out - to me, they sound even better, and the tension is not quite as high. I love Evah Gold with Larsen A (and even with Evah Gold A). But recently I tried an experiment: Jargar A with Vision Solo. And I love that too. In fact, the only thing I don't think I love anymore is the Larsen A
  14. I keep a practice diary but my teacher couldn't care less about it. I just use it to plan out what I'm going to do at next practice, and then check things off and make brief notes as I go. I also use it to take notes at lessons. I suppose I should go back through the pages to track any progress I may have made.