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  1. I haven't touched my violin for about a year and plan to start up again. I had new Obligato's and new bowhair just before I stopped playing. Do I need to restring and rehair due to the year passing even though there are not many hours on them?
  2. I was given a mix CD with a 9:44 long version of the 2nd movement of the Brahms Concerto. I don't know who the performer is, but want to find out so I can buy the full CD. I've ruled out Mutter, Milstein, Oistrajk, Perlman, Szigeti, Menuhin & Heifetz. Please help.
  3. Thank you to everyone!
  4. I've heard that most rehair their bows every 6 months to a year. Mine is about 2 years, but I only get to play about 1 hour a week. The hair is still white and plays well. Should I rehair anyway due to time's natural effect on hair or is rehairing based on hours & days it is actually played?
  5. I've read that most change their strings every 6 months and bow hair every year. What if I only get to play about an hour a week? Should I still go by these time frames or are they for people who play everyday. Please help. Thank you
  6. I am looking to buy a CD of this work. Who would you suggest?
  7. Andrew, What is meant by "cutting down the size of the hand" Isn't more hand showing above the fingerboard when it sits in the crotch between the thumb and finger? I must be misunderstanding something. Are the tips of the fingers used more than the pads when the neck is in the crotch? I am just experimenting without a rest . I currently have a bonmusica and wolf secundo. I'm thinking about trying a playonair soon. My intonation is for some reason a lot better without the rest, but I feel like the violin is less secure.
  8. Do you support the neck at the very bottom of the "V" between the thumb and 1st finger or is it squeeezed a little between the part of the hand just below the the 1st finger joint and a little less than halfway up the thumb. The first way seems to have too much thumb and finger showing above the fingerboard. What changes occur in the higher positions? Does the thumb ever go directly underneath the neck parallel to the fingerboard? Also, how do you keep the violin from shaking while doing vibrato without the rest? Thank you.
  9. How about some help for my original question?
  10. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Even when trying to be light, my violin still shakes.
  11. 2nd Movement of the Brahms Violin Concerto. In my opinion, nothing has been composed before or after that compares.
  12. Hands are not equal in many cases. I am left-handed, but I can play a piano exercise smoother with my right hand then my left. I have also wondered if it would have been better to start the violin with the bow in my left. Jessica, don't pay attention to people that are so blind. Hendrix played the guitar on the opposite side. NOT the way it was supposedly meant to play. It was a good thing he never took the advise of some of the people on this board.