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  1. Interesting and complicated subject here ,, Reference to a previous post of the tonewood vs construction lumber , the question here is can you duplicate a violin that was made out of construction wood to violin made by quality tonewood ? and when I say duplicate I really mean to duplicate every sound factor ( Model , arches , joint tension, vibrating frequencies according to palate thickness ) Hence I doubt if it doable !! So many people think logically that tonewood would sound better either from a scientific wise or just theoretical wise I mean here not from a field test . Back to aged violin, IMHO there is a certain sound quality in the old violin that you I never found it in the recently made violins and when I say aged and new I mean more than 20 years and new as up to 10 years, even if the new violin sounds better However there is a certain quality wouldn't be there you just find it in the old aged violins . \ I recall once I read an article about a guitar player was talking about how playing the instrument will effect in a positive way to improve the sound . Regards,
  2. Thank you Gents. , The violin front plate thickness is between 3.5 ( In the middle under the bridge ) 3 else where in the middle, to 2.2 in the corners, I will have a look at the topics as (Fiddlessurgeon) maybe I will start with Little mystreries as the header of this topic looks hot . Regards,
  3. Thank you all for your replies ,This violin is made by Myself I didn't mentnioned this sorry for the lack of info. in the first post , I made it about 5 years ago it was one of the best sounding violins that made, I sold it to someone and he kept it in the case for a year without playing ,then he bring it to me to have a look at how it sound ,, Stiff, Nasal and low volume , I advice him to play with the violin and this is very normal if you keep the violin for some time , He did play it for a while ( maybe a month or so,, ) However it's still the same , then I changed the string it was Pirastro chromecore I changed it to Dominant and here I relize the tuning issue I was tuning it higher than 440 and it sounds great when I say great indeed sounded well However when I went back to 440 it dropped !! . One thing that helps,, to lower the frequencies I open the kidney from the center of the bridge sides that help to reduce the nasal sound but still not it's optimum sound .
  4. I will check when I'm back home, I tried once to open the bridge eye it makes a little improvement but still not the optimum sound out of it , I always feel the sound nasal and thin However as I mentioned earlier when I raise the pitch to one higher tone it sound much better if not great !! it's not a matter of raising it from 440 to 442 or so,, it needs to be much higher to sounds good ! .
  5. Good Day every body ,, Greeting to everyone here, It has been long time since my last post here I wish you all doing well and fine . I have a problem with my violin it doesn't project and sound good unless I tune it one note higher ,Otherwise it sounds low and bad , I'm not sure how to describe how it sounds but it's completely change when I higher the tension by tuning it higher than 440 . I did several trials with no luck ! any advice ? Regards,
  6. It's just perfect ,, It's not stiff niether soft , I used to deal with Despiau However it's not suitable for some violin due to the hardness of there wood but it's good to have both so you can match . about the defference , Actually I don't remember what shape I ordered to compare , The good thing that they will send you a samples of all the models they have . ,, Highly recommended IMHO . Regards,
  7. Hi ,, Thank you for the info. , I just recieved a violin labled Laurent alfredo dated 1997 !! ROME ,So wether it's a copy or an other maker !! it looks good to my Humple expereince nice wood, outline and decent shape antiqued varnished golden brown . Regards,
  8. Good Day ,, Any idea about a maker called Larent Alfredo ,He is suppose to be Italian as the violin lable says , and located in ROME , Tried to make a search in google but comes with no info. at all !! Aappreciate any advise ,, Haitham
  9. If you haven't started applying the next coat , I suggest you don't rubb it , The violin surface shouldn't be to smooth and glassy so it hold the next coat better . that is just MHO . Regards,
  10. Hi have a look at the attached might be better ,, I saw your comment below when I already taken the pics.
  11. Thank you so much for your words , The problem with the photographer not the camera I was shooting with a nice set of digital equipment NIKON D80 and KIKOR 80/200 f2.8 ED at mabe 160 mm. However these is not the original pics. I did modify it in photo shop ,, Cropping and brightness/conrast only , I will load soon some more photo with corrected white balnce and front shot also ,, The varnish was (Thanks Neil Ertz) original came from Mr. Neil he gave it me personaly and explain clearly how to make it and to apply it ,, It's mixed with madder root while it is originaly yellowesh , I like it it is soo transparent and glossy . Regards,
  12. Yes , I meant the latest , However it might be the last ,am facing a hard time now a days in my social life some toubles and problems ,,, having no time for the workshop and not in the mode any more ! I sorry I didn't check the pics. after uploading ,it seems realy ugly and with no details at all , the below is an other pic. that I have it available now if still any one need to have an other look let me know so I can post an other collection . Regards,
  13. Hi ,, Find the below is my last violin based on ALARD Del Gesue , your comments and elaboration are most welcome ,, http : //www.maestronet.com/forums/attachments/back16.jpg http : //www.maestronet.com/forums/attachments/Front7.jpg http : //www.maestronet.com/forums/attachments/side2.jpg http : //www.maestronet.com/forums/attachments/Scroll9.jpg
  14. Is there a lable ? If so ,, can you find out by some how what it is written ? pics. at least
  15. This is about what Michael comments on dark and bright sound ,, about 2 years ago I was looking for dark sound in violins I make , However I didn't want to over thin any of the plates , The way I found that time was something to do with the front arch and some other things but mainly was by how the arch look like ,, On the other hand and regarding plate thickness I also found it confuse and in my oppenion and my limited trails I found dark sound not only produced by thin plates, I have a violin that measure about 4 mm. in the middle and the thinnest point is about 2.5 for the front and same for the back if not a bit thicker and it sounds very dark . ,, IMHO is dark and bright sound has nothing to do with plate thickness as much as the violin archs look like . Regards,
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