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  1. Brad Dorsey

    Type of pegs?

    I don't know how their weight compares with that of standard pegs.
  2. Brad Dorsey

    Varnish flaking off in the sun?

    Which is one reason I thought it might be caused by glue.
  3. Brad Dorsey

    Varnish flaking off in the sun?

    I can't be sure from the pictures, but it looks to me like possibly a previous repairer neglected to wash off excess glue which adhered to the varnish and shrunk, peeling the varnish off. You can test this hypothesis by wetting the sticky varnish fragments and seeing if they are coated with something that swells up as glue does.
  4. Brad Dorsey

    Type of pegs?

    I run across this type of peg occasionally. They look clunky, but I have found that they can work well if they are properly adjusted. You adjust the tightness of the pegs by turning the outer knurled nuts. Unlike with Caspari pegs, no screwdriver or other tool is needed to adjust these. Tightening a nut clamps the pegbox wall tighter between the outer knob and the inner flange. The thing you have to be aware of is that the nuts on one side have left-handed threads.
  5. Brad Dorsey

    Fitting tool handles

    You can heat the tang of your rasp without any danger of softening the teeth by wrapping the toothed part in a wet cloth.
  6. Brad Dorsey

    Cello edge not lining up

    By "the crack appears to be leveled" do you mean that both sides of the crack are flush with each other along the entire length of the crack?
  7. Brad Dorsey

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    It would depend entirely on how the instrument was made and how much it was reworked. This is not a new phenomenon. For more that a century, American violin makers and dealers have been importing instruments to rework, regraduate, varnish, etc. and then labeling them and selling them. The list of familiar names who did this includes August Gemunder, John Friedrich, Rudolf and Rembert Wurlitzer, William Lewis, Lyon & Healy, Carl Fisher, etc. Sometimes the labels say something like "regraduated by …………, made in Germany," but often they don't.
  8. Brad Dorsey

    1921 OH Bryant violin

    I occasionally attend Blackwood-March auctions. This is a general antique auction house selling the usual furniture, rugs, paintings, ceramics, etc. and not an instrument specialist. I haven't seen this violin so I don't know what it is, but possibly the auctioneer saw an O H Bryant repair label and took it to be a maker's label. There are about 8 violins in this sale in all. There are several knowledgeable and aggressive violins buyers who regularly attend Blackwood-March sales, so I don't expect there will be any violin bargains there.
  9. Brad Dorsey

    Finger Board Projection Question

    I think it's some of both. "...Do any of you have a bullet proof way of setting necks so they do not drop?..." I don't. "...Is this just a natural thing with a wood instrument...?..." Yes.
  10. Brad Dorsey

    New book on repair and restoration (or not so new...)

    This book is available in printed or E-book format. Here's a link:
  11. Brad Dorsey

    Bow - Does it worth a restoration?

    This is not worth restoring except as a learning exercise.
  12. Brad Dorsey

    Buzzing Fine Tuner

    The most common cause is that the screw is screwed out so far that it has lost contact with the lever.
  13. Brad Dorsey

    Bow Finishing Techniques

    The methods suggested by Joseph Regh in "The Art of Bow Restoration," for coloring permbuco to blend new repair wood with old original wood, may also be worth trying to give an aged look to a new bow. He suggests nitric acid, ammonia, potassium permanganate, ferric chloride, Clorox and UV radiation. He says, "There are too many uncontrolled variables to produce a recipe book that produces any shade of color desired. It is most important to save a piece of scrap wood..." to use for color tests, because different pieces of wood may react differently when subjected to the same treatment.
  14. Brad Dorsey

    Johann Babtist Schweitzer

    We can confirm that Schweitzer did not make your violin.
  15. Brad Dorsey

    Strobel/Eastman connection?

    Eastman 100s and Strobels appear identical to me.