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  1. Typical tuning aficionado?

    Language please.....cobblers is the polite form in rhyming slang.
  2. Typical tuning aficionado?

    I just love the internet
  3. French Polish materials

    Dewaxed shellac Methanol Medical grade olive oil Fine cotton around cotton waste for the muneca Nitrile gloves
  4. Scraper shapes for edge work

    An old hardpoint saw is a good source of scraper material.
  5. Bow hold practice thingy

    But how can you have a sword fight with one of those?
  6. Specific Gravity, Density

    You speak wisely. I had a Croatian teacher who terrified you into could hear her yelling halfway down the street. But she was good.
  7. Specific Gravity, Density

    About 20 years ago I was working on a project in Houston and found myself adding up dimensions with 10 inches to the foot. I blamed it on jet-lag and humidity.
  8. Spruce with bear claw a feature?

    Yes but the plug rubber,attached to a rubber band, when shot across the room could provoke a most gratifying reaction from the target.
  9. Pegheads

    The instructions I have from Brian Burns, a guitar maker who supplied them, say that he used Titebond but it seems that Chuck Herrin, the inventor, used Super Glue. I recall that a function of the glue was to improve the hardness of the wood. For removal he recommends using 1/8" leather to line the jaws of some vice grips and to only tighten them as much as necessary .....and remember whether it's a LH or RH peg. He tried rubber as a lining but the jaws bit through and damaged the peg.
  10. When have you 'arrived'?

    Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens ...Schiller
  11. Peg reamers- Spiral or Straight Fluted?

    I've got the "luthier"Swiss army knife with spiral reamer I get bonus points?
  12. How does learning to play progress?

    Auer's book on violin playing has the story of when King George 3 asked Salomon, who was teaching him, how he was getting on. Salomon told him "all violin players may be divided into three classes. The first class includes all who cannot play at all; the second class are those who play very badly; and the third class those who play well. Your Majesty has already managed to advance to the second class."
  13. Pseudonyms

    Except that I wasn't allowed to sign up under my real name.