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  1. Run over violins - whos fault?

    My Hiscox case is heavy enough to save me going to the gym but I'm comforted by the knowledge that they have been driven over and the instruments inside have survived
  2. Question for purfling makers

    The girl at the back is thinking "why don't they use the bandsaw?". You can tell from the look on her face.

    Oh, you tease.

    I agree. It's quick, quiet and relaxing. And, it's highly unlikely to go wrong.
  5. Do not use cork please.

    Thanks for the warning about damage...I didn't find it effective either. I have used your Amber strings for a few years now and think they are great
  6. WIttner Fine Tuners

    I know three violinists who have Wittners fitted and are very pleased with them. I Occasionally play oboe quartets with a cellist who only seems to play when she is with us and we always waste time at the beginning while the viola player uses his superior strength to wrestle the tuning into submission. I keep trying to persuade her to ft mechanical pegs. If traditional pegs are well fitted they are great but if they are not......
  7. Side Chisel regrind

    It's the whereness as well as the howness for me.
  8. Side Chisel regrind

    Nice pictures, they make it look easy...just a scrape here and a scrape there .
  9. Side Chisel regrind

    Wow, how many reeds have you made?
  10. Side Chisel regrind

    I have an oboe reed knife, which I use for its proper purpose, and I just give it a light wipe on the water stone from time to time and frequent stropping .... I can't imagine doing enough reeds to get into that state. I should think it would be less trouble to spend £60 on a new one .
  11. Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    I started playing guitar to attract chicks and ended up talking to middle-aged men about fingernails.
  12. Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    Exactly. To go off about the idea that you learn more by getting things wrong and then asking why?
  13. Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    That's an answer to the wrong question . There's no question about playing to the rules., but how long do you spend on the details when they're not quite perfect and life is moving on. That's what engineers live with and why specialist advisors aren't engineers.
  14. Honed Bliss

    Don't you have a butler?