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  1. Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    Apart from the length, the other good thing about a big plane is the weight.
  2. Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    The bigger the better. I use a number 7, but I've owned it since before I started making instruments. Just put each half in the vice then use the Mk1 eyeball. It takes a long time at first but it's a great way of developing tool/eye skills.
  3. plate tuning specs ?

    There was a man in England who was found tapping railway lines with a hammer. When asked why he did it he replied that it kept elephants away.
  4. Why does finer grit sandpaper give more of the effect? Does a coarse grit damage the rays so much that they are camouflaged? I woke up in the middle of the night and started wondering about this
  5. Yes, and I would be slightly wary of articles which state " it stands to reason" which often means the author's opinion, and then recommends sandpapering a joint to improve gluing when it is well established that gives a worse bond than a freshly planed surface. PS I was adding to Stephen's post
  6. That's an interesting sideline you have Bill. I guess the reference I checked was just referring to the industrial production.
  7. Certo, il Titebondo e ottimo.
  8. I never had problems glueing rosewood without any chemical treatment first,. I can find no reference in the 2 classic making books, nor in a Spanish book by a well respected artesanal maker who called himself a Guitarrero rather than a Luthier. Chemicals like acetone and toluene didn't exist when Torres (1817-92) was working .
  9. What problems with gluing rosewood???
  10. When I glued up cedar guitar necks I used PVA and never cleaned with acetone. There are no signs of creep, the stresses are quite low.
  11. Equisetum

    Vivi e impara.
  12. Equisetum

    My powder arrived from Beare. It's very fine and uniform, reminds me of the green tea used in the tea ceremony. I did a trial on spruce and maple and although it works fairly well it's messy and I wasn't happy about the traces left in the pores. It wasn't as good as the Micro-mesh, Michael Molnar
  13. re-gluing the fingerboard

    I think the term "idiot resistant" is safer.