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  1. Muswell

    Yehudi violn hold

    I saw a video of A-S Mutter playing when a cloth she was using ended up draped over the crook of her elbow. She doesn't use anything now.
  2. Muswell

    Yehudi violn hold

    I don't need padding on my bony collarbone but that doesn't work with a Hill style chinrest which digs in.
  3. Muswell

    Yehudi violn hold

    I suggest you start off with a chamois leather on your shoulder to give some friction. You can do without in time. Or you can fix a bit to the violin with elastic bands... only one thickness, not a pad.
  4. Muswell

    Corner geometry question re Guadagnini, observations.

    I made my template for the outline of the Salabue last week. I got some radii for the corners but everything else was just averaging out the 2 sides and then fitting it all together by eye. The original is so wonky and asymmetrical that I decided that I was just going to fit to the general proportions and arching and not worry about the rest.
  5. Muswell

    How to sharpen a Scraper

    I have one of these. It's most excellent
  6. Muswell

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    I use a practice mute for a good proportion of my practice time in order to limit the exposure. My wife left a community orchestra because the rehearsal space was too small and made her ears hurt...and she's an oboist!
  7. Muswell

    Do you use a peghole reamer sheath?

    I use the box it came in
  8. Muswell

    Community orchestra

    I think it's because it's much harder to play a string instrument than it is, say, the flute at community orchestra level. Plus you only need 2 flutes but to match that you need at least 8 violins 2 violas and a couple of cellos. There is always competition for a wind seat but we violinists will be welcomed wherever we go. At one time I was in 5 community orchestras!
  9. Muswell

    Tapered soundpost.

    What hardness pencil?
  10. Muswell

    Tapered soundpost.

    That's it....6.5.
  11. Muswell

    Tapered soundpost.

    I'm planning to fit the post to my latest today, now I have to worry about whether I want "free" or "edge
  12. Muswell

    Tapered soundpost.

    Then I wonder what happens if you go out of that range, either up or down.
  13. Muswell

    Tapered soundpost.

    What are the reasons for choosing 6.5 rather than 6.0 mm, for example?
  14. Muswell

    Galamian Violin Hold

    Anne-Sophie Mutter seems to be doing OK
  15. Muswell

    Tips for Removing Cork Residue From Top?

    I suspect that is more to do with not damaging the varnish, and what they have been taught than technical difficulty. If you watch Rachel Podger play you'll see what I mean. I played without a chin rest for a few years and and it's not hard once you get used to it. Hardest part is shifting in the lower postions, which is what baroque players do all the time.