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  1. I think it's fairly well established that depending on how much time you are exposed and how loud you play you can suffer some hearing loss, especially the left ear. I suppose some people are more susceptible than others. I do a lot of my practice using a practice mute in order to reduce the overall exposure and have Elacin earplugs with 10 dB attentuation for loud orchestral music.
  2. I concluded that by the time you have finished messing around with chemicals, getting rid of the crud and then scraping to tidy up it was better just to scrape the varnish off. Healthier too.
  3. I've just been watching the video of Alina Ibragimova playing the Bach Chaconne at the Proms. Someone should tell her about her elbow problem.
  4. I remember, many moons ago, watching someone in the Netherlands making clogs. At impressive speed he carved a pair of clogs, just by eye, which were effectively identical....that was his job. No big deal.
  5. Is there a problem with the Joha products? I've been using Old Wood but it's a bit spendy and the finish coats seem to wear quickly up near the neck. So, I thought I might try something else.
  6. Thanks, that makes more sense now.
  7. Your violin looks very nice. You said that you used golden brown, red brown and dark brown varnish and then colour washes. I am thinking about trying the Joha varnish myself and was wondering what the colour was like before the colour glaze and whether you would go through the same combination of varnishes if you did it again.
  8. I was once playing in an ensemble when the tail gut failed on one of the violas. That was really dramatic.
  9. No more quaint than "shipping" as used by Stewmac
  10. Many years ago I worked for some people who thought it was OK to tell me me I should think about joining a golf club, junior chamber of commerce, Young Lions etc. in order to bring in work. I left soon afterwards.
  11. I have a Czech 3/4 one-piece faux flame back which is very convincing and has rudimentary flaming on the inside too. I know it's fake because the scratches give the game away.
  12. I tried to sign-up under my own name but wasn't allowed. It seems I have the same name as someone who was banished to the wilderness.
  13. I read that it is the same for guitars. The important thing is for the strutting to be asymmetric, it doesn't matter which way the strings are set out.
  14. You are not alone. I thought Capricho Arabe was completely hard-wired until I opened a guitar case a couple of months back. The other thing I found when browsing through my guitar music is that I find a date and fingerings, have no recollection of playing the piece, and am amazed that I could have played it.