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  1. There are a lot of sweeping generalizations being offered here that simply do not stand up to scrutiny. "The level of average orchestras got much better but TOP orchestras of the past have not been surpassed." --The current Berlin and Vienna Phils are obvious exceptions to this claim. (My "favorite" Vienna recordings do not end in 1950 but include wonderful work with Bernstein, Carlos Kleiber, and now Thielemann.) "Who could better play a musical by, say Bernstein , but an american orchestra ? A "Swan Lake" but a Russian one ? And where can we hear true Wagner but at Bayreuth ?"
  2. Kavakos is great. Love his Ysaye. In concert he's got a wonderful rapport with the orchestra. In that he's like Vengerov (still "young" at 38)--who's back and getting raves for both his conducting (Scheherazade) and his playing (Brahms VC and the Scheherazade solos, with Montreal). (Stross is probably one of the four "thumbs down", no doubt!)
  4. Take a vacation to Port Townsend.
  5. If you believe Wikipedia, "Heifetz was very particular about his choice of strings. For his entire career he used a silver wound tricolore gut g-string, plain gut unvarnished d- and a-strings, and a Goldbrokat steel e-string medium including clear Hill brand rosin sparingly. Heifetz believed that playing on gut strings was important in rendering an individual sound."
  6. And if you are going to use a singular antecedent, you ought to use a singular pronoun: "language is an indication of how well read the person is and how intelligent they are." One more thing deserves comment: "But it should not be surprising that the Bell Curve is accurate." Racism swings both ways, and it is always ugly.
  7. I wish more people would play music as if it were a song.