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  1. i'm pretty sure that they are cracks. the label is of Jacobus Stainer.. all the lettering and words seem to be correct until the date. it's dated 1625 which i don't think is very likely for stainer to be making violins. unless Schweitzer made stainer copies without his own label.. then it could be possibly be a violin of his. however.. the cracks on the back don't seem to go all the way through to the inside.
  2. cracks are on the top and bottom of the back. and also another thing.. was it "normal" to have nails or brackets in the violin at the button and also down by the chinrest as you see in the picture? here are links to pictures.. Front Back
  3. How much do cracks on the back of a violin affect it's value?
  4. As haxxorpoop said.. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi's
  5. In your opinion which players have the best interpretation of Beethoven in D Major, Brahms in D Major, Mendelssohn in e minor, Paganini in D Major, Sibelius in d minor, and Tchaikovsky's in D Major Violin Concerto? my opinion... Beethoven - Zino Francescatti, Hilary Hahn Brahms - David Oistrakh Mendelssohn - Arthur Grumiaux, Kyung Wha Chung Paganini - Sarah Chang, Zino Francescatti Sibelius - David Oistrakh, Jascha Heifetz Tchaikovsky - David Oistrakh, Henryk Szeryng, Itzhak Perlman
  6. How do fittings effect on the sound of a violin? For example the different woods primarily Boxwood and Ebony...what are the differences in the sound one hears?
  7. How do fittings effect on the sound of a violin? For example the different woods primarily Boxwood and Ebony...what are the differences in the sound one hears?
  8. "...joshua bell for his emotion in every note"....i think he uses just way too much vibrato! and hilary hahn will one day be a better violinist than she already is today but not a favorite. but favorite would be Vadim Repin and Itzhak Perlman...for current...for past...David Oistrakh, Nathan Milsten, and now sadly having to add to this list Erick Friedman. Sorry Steve
  9. aznviolinist8


    Is Tartini Green rosin worth the money? Or is there other rosins that perform as well as they do?
  10. I just recieved my sample set of the Alliance Vivace strings, i've been playing with them for about 5 days now and i absolutely love them all except the E string i'm combining the set with my 3 week old Westminster E. Any other suggestions for E strings? My previous string set up was Evah Pirazzi G Obligato D and A, and the Westminster E I didn't think that i could find a better combination but now i have.
  11. Best Bach Concerto for 2 Violins in d minor? who has the best interpretation of this piece playing it in style of baroque rather than romantic, classical, etc.
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    What brand/type of rosin or rosin combination do you use? Does Pirastro rosin actually stand up to it's word in putting the strings to it's fullest performance if used with the strings particular rosin. Right now I'm using Hill dark and I live in Chicago so right now with the low humidity and the bow still slides and not grip on the strings as I would like even if I put a lot on the bow. The bow was rehaired less than half a year ago, and I am using Obligato Strings that are couple weeks old now.
  13. I think personally that's what makes all Guarneri's special and stand out from the rest. Even though some or many "del Gesu" instruments show bad workmanship in cutting the F holes etc. you cannot say anything about the sound and how violin makers have been trying to get that kind of sound for ages so he must have done something right. =)
  14. has anyone tried it yet? how is it?