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  1. If I give my E string (Loop) to my friend which has Ball-end adjusters. What can I do? I'm thinking of get a ball from an old string and put it in to the loop. Is that possible? Has anyone tried?
  2. Hi, I searched through the net and found out that there are 2 kind of brackets (I used to call 'clamp') Hill and Standard. Which one is better for sound? or the hill is only for good looking?
  3. ìPandora, My violin lesson started 3 years ago when I was 27.
  4. Hi guys, I have studied Violin for a couple years but lately quite interested in Cello sound. Some of my friends told me not to try cello. They said it use different skills and will mess up my violin study. Violinist can be Violist but not Cellist.. Is it true?
  5. Yuen, I got that DVD as a gift for a month but havn't watch yet. (Well, I don't know Fischer). Hurry home to watch tonight
  6. My favourite: Perlman, Vengerov, Joshua Bell, Heifetz
  7. I have 2 violins, One is a copy of cannon. Very open with worm,deep and juicy sound. Her name is Gracy. The other one is a copy of ex-Heifetz sounds quite vivid with many wood tone and great projection. His name is Gusto.
  8. Different problem here in tropical zone. We usually have excessive humidity. 60-70% most of the time and 70-85% in rainy season which almost 6 months a year. Humid wood sounds not quite open. String winding is easily oxidized within couple months. Fungus problem.. maybe... I stores my fiddles in Humidity control cabinet which meant to be used for camera things.(actually should call "De-humidifier" cabinet coz it couldn't work in the opposite way)
  9. Frank, my teacher suggested me to practice the sliding technique as well, but instead of practicing the hole scale,he will write down small practice exercises to fix the specific point. One thing I still quite uncomfortable. When I arrived, setup everything and start playing just for a few bar (a few notes sometime) He will stop me and begin his suggestions. Well, if he let me warm up playing for 5 minutes, I think those problem may not occur. My previous teacher also be the same . Maybe better since he will wait until I played for the whole part befor begin teaching. I suggests teacher should let their students warming up for couple minutes first then let them play a whole part/piece before judging them. It will be good if the proper warm up exercises to that piece are given.
  10. One of my friend, a piano teacher, suggest me to eat Chocolate with banana. Will try next time.
  11. Thanks a lot D_A, FrankRudolph. Even my teacher let me pass the Maditation. I still can't play it well. My left hand intonation is unpredictable.. Some days good, other days suck. Really wish to play like CDs but may have to wait for decades
  12. Yea, D_A. Now I study with another teacher. He's very good in patient I asked him to teach me the Meditation (Massenet) even I realized it is a bit too difficult for my level. He made me play the first half of almost 6 months. After that I asked for the Liebesleid. Now we are working on it for a few months. I like to play these famous pieces. Still I afraid that it may not good for my basic. Will it be any problem?
  13. On the other hand, is there any limit age of old wood to make an instrument? As I know, old wood has less flexibility and easy to break/crack, isn't it? If there is any wood stock from "little ice age" left now, That will be the most precious ever, haha.
  14. Just curious. Old instruments (says, 100 years+) have specific "old-deep sound" which are preferable. What if a luthier use old-keep woods? I means, cut the wood and maybe craft them to ready-assemble pieces then keep them in a suitable environment for 100 years. Will instruments made from those wood have "old-deep sound"?
  15. Let me add one. Impatient teacher who blame student when they can't understand or do something correctly. Especially, for adult beginner. Their physical are not as flexible or moving naturally like those youngs. Teachers should be more patient for them. I was blamed once when he tried to make me play the correct tempo division. I tried my best but still could'nt make it. He said "Is that all you can do?" I felt really bad. Lost all concentration for the rest of that lesson. That's one of the most discourage sentense I ever get. Until now, I can't get rid of that sentense/feeling from my head.
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