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Violin and viola case maker for concert artists since 1983, with well over 15,000 built out of fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, foam plastics and wood laminate (material of ultimate choice).

Author on the subject of violin cases and violin safety within their cases, published in multiple languages. Consultant to a major musical instrument insurance group for instrument safety in cases and damage analysis.

Researcher in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic University Safety in Transportation Laboratory (FAA approved), board member of the Association of Italian Violinmaking (A.L.I.).

Violin maker trained at the Stradivari Institute in Cremona, Italy under the guidance of G.B. Morassi and Stefano Conia Sr; violinist, former concertmaster of the Camerata di Cremona Orchestra and Choir.

Based in Cremona, Italy.

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