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  1. Tax proposals

    Hi everyone, Where I live has one of the highest total tax rates in the world, and at the same time also the third highest sovreign debt to GDP ratio (well over 130%). Just our sales tax alone (VAT actually) is 22%! That doesn't stop the guvment from continually raising taxes even higher to try to increase revenue, without resolving anything. So I humbly bring forth to you a little-known gem, the Laffer Curve: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laffer_curve I wish our legislators would attend at least Economics 101.
  2. A Beautiful Case

    Unfortunately they didn't answer... :-( So I guess they are certainly not making these cases any more.
  3. Relationship between auction price and retail price

    Martin, as you are in the trade you know perfectly well how everything concurs to bring lower mark-ups, while at the same time the cost of doing business is always increasing... Not to mention how people are always looking for the lowest price but are often unwilling to pay for the service and guarantees they expect.
  4. Relationship between auction price and retail price

    A growing problem with online auctions seems to be that the selling price of a given instrument remains online to be consulted. If you buy at auction an instrument for say $20,000, once you have the instrument in your showroom any potential client of yours can look up the instrument and see what you paid for it, which narrows your margin considerably. Just thinking out loud...
  5. Ferdinand Goth - Schonbach?

    The name Goth is linked to a number of people in the violin making profession in Schoenbach. In 1920 a Giovanni (Johann?) Goth moved from there to Italy, and founded a company near Verona, initially making violins and cases, as well as selling strings and accessories. The company still exists today, in fourth-generation ownership, no longer making instruments and cases however.
  6. A Beautiful Case

    I just emailed them, Glenn. I'll report back if I hear from them.
  7. A Beautiful Case

    Deans, at the present time I do not know of any company making these cases any more. Like Glenn said, there was a company in Italy making them (Salvi) in the 1980s but I don't know when they stopped producing them. They appear in no online catalogs and show up only at auction these days, suggesting that production was terminated some time ago. I believe that today the market for cases which are not useable on an everyday basis (i.e. portable) is too small to support this type of product line.
  8. A Beautiful Case

    OK, point taken, but I still can't believe that the Apostles were selling at the same price as what Gewa sells plastic cases today. I'll have to investigate this further (useful for my conference next month). What if inflation alone weren't enough to translate values from those days to ours? What else could you purchase for £10 in 1895? Ah, if only the Big Mac index went back that far - ! Here's an interesting link: https://www.hillarys.co.uk/back-in-my-day/
  9. A Beautiful Case

    I stand corrected -
  10. A Beautiful Case

    Pretty cool, thank you. But there's no way an Apostle could have been sold new for today's equivalent of GBP 1180 (plus VAT), when a first-class suite on the Titanic cost a quarter mil $ fifteen years later! Something's fishy here... can someone illuminate please?
  11. A Beautiful Case

    Really? Glenn, are you sure about the sales price? You couldn't START to make case like that today for GBP 1180. Ask Salvi... And GeorgeH, I suppose that doesn't include 20% VAT, or it does?
  12. A Beautiful Case

    Indeed when I first saw the case in photograph in The Strad, I was convinced that the handles were actually painted on! They are so precisely flush with the surface... Once again, Hill used a single piece of solid brass and then worked it to obtain this result. Incredible. You can trust me (LOL!) if I say that nobody makes cases like this any more!
  13. A Beautiful Case

    Absolutely true. The fact is, these cases were never conceived to by carried anywhere, just to be displayed on top of your Bechstein in your music room. Hill's "Art Cases" as they were called, were halo products, designed to show the world what they could do. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they sold them at a loss.
  14. A Beautiful Case

    Great addition to your collection, Glenn! It almost looks like a dart-shape version of the Apostles, which are as you know better than I, are from the exact same period and built in the same atelier. Now if I can only discover who was the original owner of my 1887 Apostle - The lateral locks seem to be the same - I suppose they are solid brass too, correct?
  15. Luigi Paoli Info

    I can't imagine how anyone born in Corsica could become a violin maker, if to do so requires a background if not in the craft, at least in music or a conception of the such. Corsica was in the period rather poor and rural, neglected as it was even by Napoleon who was born there. Only in recent times, with tourism, are things looking up. An excellent reason to leave, but to get into lutherie? I'm curious.