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  1. I second Davide's opinion, I believe this to be a poorly written and researched article, with a number of misleading statements starting from the first paragraph.
  2. How about that. Thank you for this information, extremely interesting.
  3. This is considered the first painting of a violin. It is dated 1534, painted by Gaudenzio Ferrari.
  4. At least the hygrometer and thermometer are aligned, but I think I will throw this conception out the window and into the moat, as Modigliani would have approved.
  5. Here I was channeling Federico Fellini after a good Amarone, does this count?
  6. David, did you know that Horacio Pagani has every one of the screws in his cars made to special order out of titanium, with a Torx head? The cost is rumored to be close to $100,000 per car (the screws, not the car). That's one way to solve the problem, just throw money at it!
  7. Especially considering that this wristwatch costs $15,000 -
  8. Regarding screw head alignment, we do it as well so people won't complain about that too. However I believe that a screw should go in as far as it has to for optimum traction, not too much and not to little, and to heck with the slot alignment. The problem is it looks terrible!
  9. I can get you one autographed by my dear friend Don Vito...
  10. Wow. My sincere sympathies. Homo assholus is still a common species.
  11. A Lancia 037, successor of the Stratos and predecessor of the Delta Integrale.... turbocharger AND supercharger... please let me know when it's yours!!!