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  1. Melvin Goldsmith bench

    That looks awesome, Melvin. So cool. Is that the RAM cello?
  2. White glue drop on paper label- removal

    That is really annoying (the glue drop, I mean). It does look pretty dicey, no matter what you try to do. For what it's worth, I read the date as 1943. Cool guitar. I'd like to see how it comes out -
  3. Cello corner template

    Thanks everyone for the nice compliments. I suspected something interesting was there from a photo that I saw once, but it wasn't until I saw it in person that I recognized what it was, partly because the lighting for photos of it (as in the new catalogue from the museum) washes out the scratches. I have an interest in the Stradivari guitars, partly because of my obsession with design, and partly because I also play the guitar. I have drawn and made rosettes, and deconstructed the design of some Stradivari rosettes, so it was plain to me what it was as soon as I laid eyes on it. I'm glad that people seem to agree with me about this, because there is more to the story, which I may get to ask everyone about (but not now, I have an appointment) Here's a study of the rosette from the "Hill" guitar at the Ashmolean which I made many years ago
  4. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    It is a good match in profile, the only question I have is whether they are the same size or not. I would bet they are, but it would be better to know exactly. As far as using the template, I wonder if the template was made so that an apprentice could in fact follow it exactly, so that when Antonio got it he only had to decide on the finishing touches which impart the style, in this case the length and shape of the end of the corner?
  5. Cello corner template

    The cello corner template in the PG thread has got a lot of attention. I want to show something that i think is pretty interesting, but not related to that topic. It looks to me like there's part of a design of a guitar rosette left on the maple. This design looks like it matches the type of rosette on the Stradivari guitar in Paris, the "Vuillaume". Some antique guitar people were interested to see this, because as I understand it, this guitar suffers from the some of the same kind of suspicions as the "Messie" - namely that some people have wondered if it really came from the Strad. workshop or was a French copy, since it was in the hands of Vuillaume for some time.
  6. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    This may be pretty close.? Castelbarco '97
  7. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    I would think it's kind of the opposite. If you design from the outline from the beginning, why would you need an extra template to make things look different? It makes more sense to me that maybe the inside mold was an improvement to a system that already existed, but gives a slightly different result that sometimes needs a little attention to correct. Here - this is for you: (done in keynote)
  8. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    This template has markings on it that look like the layout for a Stradivari-style guitar rosette of the maple type, which to me makes it even more likely to be from the Strad. workshop.
  9. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    I used to use sketchup, but I don't like the new version. I caved and signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud when it was on sale last year. I'm currently trying to figure out how to use illustrator, and it appears that I'll be able to do what I need to with it. It's incredibly powerful, but not very intuitive, and looks like it will be a long time before I can use it efficiently, and probably never figure it all out. The nice thing about illustrator is that it's a vector drawing program, like sketchup, but you can easily import images into it, which eliminates the need for another program to compare images.
  10. Hamberger Adjustable Soundpost for Violin

    Amen. I have never tried this post, or any other adjustable one for that matter, but this all makes sense to me. The question for me would be whether I could get it to do what I want with less effort (or cost) or better than I can with a regular post, not what other people would do with it. I can imagine trying it if I had an instrument that had some strange behavior, to get an idea of what might work without fitting 15 posts (or giving up).
  11. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    I don't know anything about those things, but from the photos it looks to me like heavily stained plywood with some thick, quick-drying glop brushed over it.
  12. J. Curtin Viola Design "Evia"

    Here's the viola from Tarisio compared to an Antonio Amati.
  13. Violin geometry references

    I have a system that I use to make new instruments and to help me understand the design of classic violins. The “Four Circle” thing is a central part of this system. I’ve shared some bits and pieces of it, but I think that maybe only leads to confusion. I think it’s probably time to write it all out in a way that I can present it clearly. That way, if there are people who are actually interested, they can see how it all works (in my head) and then see what they think - there’s a lot more to it than I’ve posted so far on the net. I have over 10 gigabytes of drawing files on my laptop at the moment… I don’t think anyone wants me to drop them on MN I’m thinking of maybe a pdf booklet… it would take a few months probably to do it right, but may be the way to go.
  14. Violin geometry references

    All's I'm sayin'.
  15. Violin geometry references

    Hi Ben, Over here we've been busy with Thanksgiving for a few days, but now I'm back... These are fun exercises to do, but I think I may be getting these viols mixed up.