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  1. Firochromis

    Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    It is in the store for at least two years.
  2. Firochromis

    Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    Thank you for your help. The reason I'm inclined to a French bridge is because it seems that people find it is warmer than the Belgian bridge. I read that since the arc of the Belgian bridge is more elliptical than round, the sound of it is brighter and somewhat louder. In my country we don't have many luthiers and they don't have many options. I want to have a Aubert Deluxe, and my luthier have Belgians in stock but not French. If it will be French than I have to acquire it from some other source. That's why I'm asking this question. Regards
  3. Firochromis

    Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    Hi fellow maestros, I need your opinions about replacing the bridge on my cello. This cello is new to me and my teacher recommends me a new bridge. In fact, even I can tell that this French bridge has unusually less material left above the heart. Next week a luthier will see my cello and we'll decide if it needs a new fingerboard or just a neck arrangement. I think what I need is an another French bridge since, I'm an adult student so this cello will not be in concert halls or quartets. I'm one of those lucky people who don't have the stress of being lost among other instruments. In fact a loud instrument is not preferable since I live in an apartment. And my teacher has commented that my cello's bass needs a subwoofer! So I'm wrong to go with a French bridge? Regards
  4. Firochromis

    vio.john at it again

    Hi all, I saw a listing of a seller in ebay (fabuy) which seemed a fraud and make a search here. Apparently the label is fake, but how bad can the instrument be? I ask these because it seems really old. Do they just take an old instrument and put an "older" label, or all is fake? I mean, if I'm not looking for an antique instrument but good sound; should I still stay away from it?