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  1. Hi Dearest,

    How are you doing?I hope all is well. My name is Miss Mirian Brent, i want to be your good friend, please kindly contact me direct with my email address (mirianforyou@yahoo.com)To able me to send my details and picture to you for you to know whom iam am Waiting to hear from you.Remember do not reply me in the site use my email address above.Have a nice day Yours Mirian

  2. Hello - I am hoping to find some photos of Michael Bodak - who was my great grandfather. Would you have to have any? If so, would you let me know? I can be reached at: 661/713-9946 - many thanks, Janine
  3. Hello!! My great grandfather was Michael Bodak. THANK YOU for your kind words about him and for remembering him and his violin making. I grew up in Warren Michigan but unfortunately it was several years after he passed away. I've never been to his grave site, but hope to some day.
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