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  1. Marty Kasprzyk

    Alternative bridge materials

    I've made bridges with widely different weights out of: Balsa wood, balsa wood with graphite fiber reinforcements, paulownina, spruce, maple, mahogany, and rosewood. These have all been made with both horizontal and vertical grain directions. Except for the rosewood ones I put CA glue on the notches to make them harder. The rosewood ones have to be made quite thin to keep their weight down. I presently use mahogany ones because of their darker color appeals to me although the rosewood ones look nice too. They all held up the strings well.
  2. Marty Kasprzyk

    Laser arching visualization

    Strips of narrow white tape across the plate would show the arch shape.
  3. Marty Kasprzyk

    ff Hole size

    Nothing much will happen with a 0.5 or 1.0 mm change. I doubt you will hear a difference or see a difference in a frequency response curve test unless you make huge changes . Look at the A0 as Peter suggested.
  4. Marty Kasprzyk

    Free Pianos

    Maybe thin piano soundboards would make good top plates if you bent them to shape rather than carved them. If you are believer in having a high radiation ratio (c/p) this should work much better than carving them which cuts across the grain which reduces their stiffness.
  5. Marty Kasprzyk

    Development of Taste

    I'm merely suggesting symmetry looks lifeless and dead. I can't think of anything more boring than being dead.
  6. Marty Kasprzyk

    Development of Taste

    If you do a Google search for "Men's or Women's clothing" images you can see hundreds and hundreds of photos of models--none of their poses will be symmetrical. Only cadavers are laid out straight.
  7. Marty Kasprzyk

    Development of Taste

    I dislike his art intensely. Maybe symmetrical faces are viewed as attractive. But I think its even better to see an asymmetrical view of one. No artist paints symmetrical portraits. Vermier, girl with a pearl earing
  8. Marty Kasprzyk

    Development of Taste

    I don't have a recording for that particular viola but a later one (2016) can be heard on: Modern Viola Demonstration - YouTube
  9. Marty Kasprzyk

    Development of Taste

    Everything I do is for acoustic and ergonomic reasons. The asymmetry is a result rather than a goal.
  10. Marty Kasprzyk

    Free Pianos

    You could use them for playing music if you tried hard.
  11. Marty Kasprzyk

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    Thanks for the link! I try his idea of the thru sound post connected to a bass bar on the back plate. Hi back plate is made light so it can contribute to sound output and it moves in complimentary directions to the top so their sound waves don't cancel.
  12. Marty Kasprzyk

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    I agree. The curves for the points of Not Telling's violin look like one simple circle arc coming off of the upper and lower bouts rather than a large radius blending gradually into a tighter radius at the point. I think we've discussed this "lead in" before but I can't recall the thread.
  13. Marty Kasprzyk

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    That's all true but some perfectly symmetric faces look eary,
  14. Marty Kasprzyk

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    I draw a f hole on a computer and then duplicate it and horizontally flip that one over. I adjust the f hole angles and spacings between the upper eyes and add vertical and horizontal center lines. I print the drawing on paper and then I glue (rubber cement) the paper onto the instrument top such that the vertical center line overlays the top plate's center joint and the horizontal center line is on top of the bridge line. I then cut out the f holes right through the paper drawing. One set of f hole nicks is cut at the horizontal center line. If you try this yourself don't forget to remove the cut out paper before you apply the varnish.
  15. Marty Kasprzyk

    Women in violin making, part 3

    Is there a special Thanksgiving, Christmas or an Easter tequila?