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  1. I have seen cases that carry two violins or a violin and a viola, does anyone know what the airline policy is for these as carry-ons??
  2. If David Burgess does what he does with a sawsall just think what he could do if he would deign to use hand tools. Amati watch out!!
  3. If an instrument has a varnish that seems to be more easily marred than most is there anyway to harden it up a little? Will this go away over time with air exposure? Is this something to worry about?
  4. Thank you all so much for you help, knowing where she is located, and how she was generously lent this instrument which she loves so much I think that the name of the maker has not yet been uncovered. However I may have the name of the person to whom I can write the check.
  5. It has been lent to her and she is using it out of the country. She has been playing it for at least 6 months. The only other viola she ever used before this was an inexpensive rental, until now she has mainly played violin, when she first got her hands on this one she said it was as though god had made it, it was so nice. She is very busy with her life,school, and music, it would be much easier if I were around to find an appraiser. The insurance agent has insured instruments for us before and said no problem just give him the make info and a picture but I thought it would be good to have a bit more information and when I couldn't find it on line thought someone here might know. An appraisal is probably a good idea... some sort of peperwork. No one has tried to sell her this instrument at all, they were just very kindly lending it to her. She just liked it so much and we had been planning on getting her something that I asked her to find out if they would sell it and if so how much.
  6. Under 4,000 dollars but that is a good chunk of money to us.... and she really likes it.
  7. My daughter wants to buy a Albert Khametov Amati Replica viola second hand. It is rather expensive, not for many of the people here, but to us. I want to get it insured, if we do buy it, but when I google the name I can find no information on it at all.. is anyone here familiar with that maker? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
  8. Nigel, I am no one important but I think the first movement of your trio in A is very pleasing. Bravo!!
  9. Just read the link from Rviolist, clever... they pass you a bad cashiers check which is more than your sales/lesson price and then ask you to wire the excess to the shipper, or to someone for the violin student's airline ticket. By the time you discover that their check bounced you have already sent pff a pile of money and you are responsible. I heard a thing on NPR where counter-scammers "took" the bait and then had all sorts of similar "problems" returning the money and had the con artist catching trains to strange cities, and showing up at cafes wearing a red carnation, spending lots of time and real money, waiting to get the con money which of course never arrives.
  10. I got one like it selling a car on Craigslist just last month. It was from someone who wanted to ship the car, a 1998 VW Jetta advertised as with numerous dings and over 168,000 miles from Michigan across the ocean to London, England. They asked about the condition of the car and wanted to know the information for shipping. I wrote back and said the car was as advertised and no one in their right mind would pay to ship a car like that across the ocean. They actually wrote me again said it was perfect for what they wanted and inquired how to proceed. I think what they do is get a greedy and naive person to give them all their bank information so that the purchaser can make a deposit in to the account... or maybe they have the money need to transfer funds but can't access it unless some bank fee is paid, can you help them out, and then whatever the scenario, eventually... surprise! As I understand some people actually do this as a living.
  11. Ditto! Excellent player, great technique, keenly creative, and a real love for music.
  12. On occasion I have heard racist comments/generalizations about Asian players in the classical music world, how they don't have enough feeling... these comments have always made me feel somewhat sick to my stomach. I am posting this for anyone who may be a victim of this false belief and for everyone who loves beauty. http://www.youtube.com/user/ningfengviolin...u/1/KcK_nweBfmw The Bach Andante by Ningfeng. I have listened to many versions of this piece and this brought tears to my eyes.
  13. Yes amazing. Also, I thought I had a bug on my computer screen robedney. Funny avatar!
  14. Agreed, strings go false after a while as I understand it they become unable to hold consistent pitch. This happens before they break.
  15. To my mind the whole movement vs. no movement thing is so absurd. Some violinists naturally move and some don't. I have seen teachers take non movers and shove them back and forth as they are playing to try to get them moving, and teachers tell natural movers to stop any swaying around and put that desire into the bow arm.
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