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  1. Any idea what this may be?
  2. Any thoughts what this may be?
  3. Another nice example of Tecchler from Rome period
  4. What could this potentially be?
  5. What could this potentially be?
  6. Just spotted this violin from Brompton's march sale: Look rather nice:
  7. How does the auction house define the word Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Superb, Rare, Interesting, Important, and so on? For instance, what qualifies this violin as a "Superb violin by P Guarneri", rather than a "Very Fine Violin by P Guarneri"?
  8. What could have had happened to cause this type of injury? A genuine Busetto offered by Brompton's auction this month:
  10.'s so funny..I posted at exactly the same moment as you did... To be accurate, one minute earlier than you well i felt sorry for the winning bidder...
  11. What do people think about this violin? The front is pretty beat up....
  12. Could this be a genuine Georg Wornle? To me, it seems quite right, but seems like the sound holes were altered.
  13. Nope. I wasn't shown with this violin in person...