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  1. They are used in guitar making for cutting the rosette channel.
  2. Looks like a router plane to me.
  3. Best of luck at the VSA. I look forward to seeing more pictures when time permits.
  4. I'm late to the party but very nice work! The varnish color is quite tasty, it's difficult to pull off those amber ale colors.
  5. Congrats on the Gold medal! Well deserved, it's a great looking violin.
  6. Do you have any pictures of the completed violin? The pics and video you shared during varnish were very impressive!
  7. Congrats Joe! You've got some nice things happening with the varnish on this one.
  8. Depending on the brand, "teak oil" could be any number of different things.
  9. I'd be concerned about the humidity. It doesn't take much warmth in a lightbox to really drop the humidity level. I tan my violins before varnishing and will monitor their weight to ensure they don't dry out too much. Everyone's lightbox is different and I think tracking the weight is a good way to determine how long you can run the lightbox before cycling the lights off and how long it takes for the violin to recover that moisture. With that knowledge you could set a timer for the lights and leave them but personally I don't like to leave my lightbox running when I'm not around.
  10. Kreddle sells a rubber collarbone cushion. I saw one recently on a violin that came thru. It was interesting, but perhaps not for everyone. https://www.kreddle.com/cushion.php
  11. Depending on how you clamp the c-bout rib, you might have issues with the block coming loose.
  12. I think the first thing you need to establish is whether just the button has come loose from the neck or if the whole upper block is loose (my guess). I'd suggest inserting a palette knife to see if it will slide under the upper block (with strings off). If the whole block is loose than it's a pretty easy fix. Just re-glue it making sure the neck alignment and projection are correct. If just the button is loose then I'd say it's possible that the neck wasn't fully seated against the back when the neck was set and you'll have to remove the neck and reset it.
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