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  1. i strongly disagree. In my town, school music programs are extremely good and the homework IS taking private lessons. In fact, choir students (such as myself)...(yes, i am in high school) are only selected for auditioned choirs if they are involved in private voice lessons. It is the same way with band and orchestra. If a celloist, for example, had promising talent and sincerity, but was not taking private lessons, they would not be considered serious enough to be in orchestra at our school. A lot of times, the school has hired private teachers to teach students that have interest. As far as I know, all even semi-serious musicians at my school spend at least 2 hours a day practicing. Personally, I spend an hour on voice lesson pieces, an hour on piano, another on guitar, and yet another for my choir pieces. As for beginners in elementary school, most of them only experiment with instruments up until junior high when they start taking lessons and join groups.
  2. hey, i'm new here too....can anybody help me out?
  3. yeah i mean downloadable...and yes i have already visited that site. I think i might just give up and spend my $20+ for the whole book. thanks anyway:) "the more things we acquire in our life, the more things we will lose."
  4. does anyone know for sure where i can get printable sheet music for Ben Folds "Brick"? I've been looking everywhere! Thanks