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  1. Please be on the lookout. It is known that the thieves were driving a red Chevy S-10 pickup. Philomath is a small community just west of Corvallis, OR. Philomath Police Dept. case #2022-00183 Officer Koeppe - Phone: 541-929-6911 On April 29th a residential burglary in Philomath, OR resulted in the theft of multiple professional quality trumpets, violins, and bows. Descriptions of the violins/bows are as follows: Lorenzo Carcassi violin ca. 1750 in a black rectangular case with analog hygrometer. Albert Muller violin, 1991, Sacramento, CA. in a brown rectangular case. Old German 7/8ths violin in a small shaped brown case. Five fine violin bows in a case that holds 6 bows. Philomath Police Dept. case #2022-00183. Photos and detailed descriptions are being assembled and will be available through Officer Koeppe including those of the 13 misc. horns also. Please call Philomath PD at 541-929-6911 if you have any information. Thank you.
  2. If anyone has pics handy, it would be helpful to see pictures of the suction cups and the rubber washer glued to end of syringe.
  3. I have both and use the straight reamer 95% of the time. I feel like I have less control with the spiral, possibly because I haven't taken the time to become familiar with it - it does seem aggressive, as others have mentioned. I use it when I need to hog out some wood, e.g. new end button... And then usually finish with the straight reamer.
  4. 2.If the top arch is as low as it appears in the side view pics, you might ask your luthier whether that patented bar is doing its job of helping support the top. I wonder whether this Szymanski made any other internal modifications. What is the overstand measurement? Your luthier might be able to tell you whether a neck reset/lift (raising the overstand and the projection) could benefit the instrument.
  5. Hi, The typical GSB coffin case has little value - maybe $10 - $20. Some fiddlers like to tart these up - especially the interiors which are rather unforgiving to a violin's health - and use them. Crafts people may buy them for decoration and I have heard of people turning them into mini-shelves.
  6. Your choices are rather limiting. As long as no one is advocating that every sloppily, hastily, and crudely finished violin interior deserves historical preservation....
  7. The tension depends on the mass, not the diameter of the string. (and string length affects the tension, too)
  8. Are there signs of the top sinking on the bass side? If so, you might mention this to the owner and see whether he would pay for a new, stronger bar. Maybe he would also be willing to pay for the neck reset and the seam repair? By the way, what is the neck overstand measurement?
  9. In my opinion, that isn't the only example of inflated prices in these listings.
  10. Then there are round cleats such as in this presumably French violin (with the photocopied Bailly label).
  11. I ordered and will be receiving the violin FB template next week. You can put me down as a "probably" for the cello template.
  12. Ahhh....the ol' dime under the sound post trick. No, sorry, I have never heard of it, and wonder whether it might have been a stopgap measure which was just left in place. Assuming the coins used were current, that would at least be one way to date violins.
  13. How are you accurately measuring from the center of the post? Typically this measurement is done from the back of the bridge foot to the front of the post, often with a business card (Image from SW Strings).
  14. I have only listened to a couple of the new violins and randomly chose #2 to compare with the "old". To my ears, the old is sweeter but #2 is more powerful with more dynamic range. I prefer #2 for this piece.
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