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  1. Are there any setup adjustments to get more oomph from cello D strings?
  2. Perhaps he should . find another luthier who is willing to make the necessary measurements and procure the correct bridge. But, yes, the bridge widths provided by suppliers are the distance between the outsides of the bridge feet.
  3. Nice story, Edi. I agree that I could have had the repair done by now by popping the top (and I have done that for similar rib repairs), but the goal is also to develop an economical repair method for future cases. Great line!
  4. Thanks for all the thoughts and pics (Evan) on this repair. Jacob, did you have a tool in mind for this manipulation?
  5. Thanks, David. Yes, I had considered that - I guess I was looking for support for it, or for other ideas. Will start rummaging for line (I know I have 20# salmon line)
  6. Earth magnets won't do it on these pesky rib cracks. Any other solutions (minus popping the top)?
  7. Yes, Amati is far superior in terms of information given , and the info is right there, ON the listing. You don't have to inquire about condition/ measurements and suffer through those "I'm not a robot" tests. Measurements given include neck and body stops, FB projection at bridge. The condition report, IN the listing, shows exactly where issues are located and the nature of those issues. And, yes, their zoom and 360 deg images are cool..
  8. Wow is right! Congratulations, Ed!
  9. That is sad news, indeed. All of his posts had a combination of passion for violin making, humor, intelligence and they often enriched the camaraderie of MN.
  10. I can't help you with more information about the violin but, in my opinion, it is worth repairing.
  11. The linked violin is a "Herman" or Hermann instead of a Louis Lowendall. I inquired about the Hermann variety a while ago but there didn't seem to be much information about him...maybe Louis' son? Hermann Lowendall query
  12. Nathan, that helped....I probably could have raised the blades using the wrappers from the bandaids now adorning my fingers and thumb. To reduce the hole size, I tried the piece of sandpaper on the bottom of the hole (for the first time) and was happy with the results.
  13. Thanks, will give that a try.
  14. Until I bought some Alberti violin peg shapers last year, I was always able to get my 4-hole Herdim violin peg shaper to work pretty well. Alberti is completely out of cello peg shapers so I bought the Herdim medium 2-hole cello peg shaper and a couple of the thicker replacement blades. After hours of fiddling with it, I haven't got it to work properly (defined by thin shavings all the way to the collar). Most of my adjustments have resulted in overly aggressive cutting and binding. I did manage to get some decent shavings when I had about 40 - 60% of the peg in the shaper. But, the cutting starts to bind as I work down to the collar. Are there any tips on adjusting these? By the way, when you add the cost of the blades, the Herdim 2-hole block is essentially the same price as one of the Alberti cello blocks....