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  1. It's rosin, and although it seems Paganini and family weren't all that careful with the instrument (once his mistress flung it across the room at him), the black could have come later. Incidentally, my copy of Il Cannone uses stove black instead of rosin (at least when I touch that part of the instrument after a good wiping my hands don't get sticky
  2. Mine goes by the "sightreading rule" "You know what we call that? Sightreading" and when you really should have practiced more: "You know, that's not even very good sightreading" He doesn't always follow the rule. Recently he remarked: "I think you have finally discovered your brain muscle." and, "Don't faint, I'm about to say something good."
  3. Uh, isn't "Austria" also from Haydn? It seems to be part of his "Emperor" quartet, second mvt. Great tune, also in most Christian hymnbooks.
  4. Do the Kayser because your teacher says. I don't care if you don't like it, and your teacher shouldn't either. But one of my favorites is actually Schradieck, and not just the first two pages it seems everybody does. It teaches hand positions really well, and is a great mental exercise.
  5. Johann is Michael's father Try typing the URL in, as opposed to googling
  6. Yes, I own the copy of "Il Canone." Those copies really are accurate- there aren't too many differences between mine and the real thing. The violin is really loud, and has a very refined sound. Excellent workmanship. I could go on forever about this violin, but I won't. My mother has another of his violins, but not a copy. Its sound is not quite so huge, but that may be a side effect of her not practicing enough so the violin isn't fully broken in. It has a very rich, dark sound, almost like a viola.
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