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  1. By the way.. there also is a plastic version of the VLM.. I use that on my violin- very comfortable, and not as expensive as the wooden one.
  2. "...the Mach one ... slips terribly" Very much agreed. My last quartet rehearsal had a very loud thunk in the middle from mine hitting the back of the viola... but it's an issue with the feet on the rest. I know someone who uses one with Kun feet with no slippage problems.
  3. I've got one of those for my viola. You might look at the plastic version, as it's a lot cheaper. But again, even that rest doesn't work for everybody.
  4. It all depends on how your shoulder and neck are set up. I recommend going to a reputable violin shop and trying everything they've got, and see what works best for you. I've used a Wolf before, and while it didn't work for me, your body is going to be different from mine. They are well built.
  5. I think he might be referring to the "Acoustic Wave music system." 901's are really good- my father's got them hooked up through a Harman Kardon receiver to his Audigy 2- his Verdi collection has never sounded better. Once I clear enough space in my room, I'm getting the stuff he had in college- a Dynaco tube setup with amp, preamp, and record player, plus a pair of Bose 301's (I can get them for free, unlike 901's on Ebay).
  6. Though I wonder how my teacher enjoyed the homemade cookies I brought him... He seemed in a better mood than normal on Monday.
  7. I'm in luck- I have a lesson tomorrow because we got sidetracked talking about college on Monday, and my next lesson is on the 6th.
  8. I had the exact same trouble with this piece, and I guess so do most. My teacher set up something where I'd start it at 40 to the dotted quarter note, eight times through the entire piece. I could up it one notch per day. I guess you could get by with fewer repetitions, and maybe starting a little faster, if you don't have 2-3 hours to spend on it, but that sort of stuff really gets you listening.
  9. Now that she has a viola, we can do the Ciaccona on viola
  10. No, it's a 1 mb limit, which makes for a bit over a minute of music.
  11. Would you like for me to record it on viola tomorrow? BTW, for recording on here, all you need is a cheap mic and a sound card. I was using my spare of a spare Sony ECM-909 that we've had I don't know how long and it seemed to work just fine.
  12. Try renaming it without spaces in the title. So everyone, two of us want to hear more. I might post some more, but not until a few more of you post some Bach.
  13. Yeah, it's really tricky sightreading. If you get to practicing it, do one part of the chord at a time (top line, then two top lines, etc.) I still have trouble with that part, plus I left my music in my mother's car, so I did a part that I know a bit better.
  14. That's what I did. If this one doesn't work, I use Zinf. It's a bit easier on the eyes.
  15. The rules are simple. If you post an attachment, play Bach. It doesn't matter what, be it from the Sonatas and Partitas, the Suites, the six Partitas and Overtures in the French style, the minuets, but it must be Bach. Of course, all comments without attachments are welcome. I'm starting off with an excerpt from the Ciaccona...
  16. I don't have any viola recordings of Arpeggione, but I've heard a really great LP of it with Walter Hautzig at the piano, and I can't remember the cellist, though I think the name is something like Paul Olefsky. I've sightread the Mendelssohn sonata, and found it to be really pretty, but I've got too much on my plate right now, so maybe later.
  17. My seventh grade English class did just that after reading some book about music- I think it was "The Mozart Season" or something like that. We wrote page or two bios of the composer we chose, then we had to choose a poem, a piece of art, and one of the composer's works and write comparisons. Then we presented everything to the class, and several of us wore costumes- since I chose Paganini, I had to imitate his "stance"- what with his long leg
  18. I've listened to my Kreisler Beethoven CD a lot this week- the violin concerto + two different recordings of Op. 30 No. 3. When I was in grade school, I recall dressing up as Beethoven (and various other composers) for music class on their birthdays. The teacher liked it because of the many times that she didn't have to make a lesson plan for us.
  19. I've noticed that Obligatos are great on some violins, and not so on others, partly because they are very high tension. I use Pirazzi's on my violin, but I wouldn't on my mother's older violin (a 1790's French) just because the tension is too high.
  20. I don't see anything cracked, though the ribs are pushed out a little bit. I think easing string tension helps that. thanks!
  21. How much damage might I have done, because I was practicing on it for who knows how long with it undone- I noticed it when I was messing around with the idea of shoulder rest/ no shoulder rest, and the strings have been tight since I put them on a week and a half ago.
  22. What? I don't think I mentioned the neck.. this is the end button at the bottom of the violin... as opposed to the end pin that sits on the bottom of celli and bassi.
  23. Uh-oh... I can see clearly between the block and the back of the violin. I also see the unvarnished wood where the button has pulled out, and the seam where the ribs connect is also out of order. Strings detuned as of ... now. It also appears that the chinrest has warded off some damage on the left side. Now I see more like a two inch separation on the right side. I'll be making a phone call in the morning. Thanks.
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