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  1. By the way.. there also is a plastic version of the VLM.. I use that on my violin- very comfortable, and not as expensive as the wooden one.
  2. "...the Mach one ... slips terribly" Very much agreed. My last quartet rehearsal had a very loud thunk in the middle from mine hitting the back of the viola... but it's an issue with the feet on the rest. I know someone who uses one with Kun feet with no slippage problems.
  3. I've got one of those for my viola. You might look at the plastic version, as it's a lot cheaper. But again, even that rest doesn't work for everybody.
  4. It all depends on how your shoulder and neck are set up. I recommend going to a reputable violin shop and trying everything they've got, and see what works best for you. I've used a Wolf before, and while it didn't work for me, your body is going to be different from mine. They are well built.
  5. I think he might be referring to the "Acoustic Wave music system." 901's are really good- my father's got them hooked up through a Harman Kardon receiver to his Audigy 2- his Verdi collection has never sounded better. Once I clear enough space in my room, I'm getting the stuff he had in college- a Dynaco tube setup with amp, preamp, and record player, plus a pair of Bose 301's (I can get them for free, unlike 901's on Ebay).
  6. Though I wonder how my teacher enjoyed the homemade cookies I brought him... He seemed in a better mood than normal on Monday.
  7. I'm in luck- I have a lesson tomorrow because we got sidetracked talking about college on Monday, and my next lesson is on the 6th.
  8. I had the exact same trouble with this piece, and I guess so do most. My teacher set up something where I'd start it at 40 to the dotted quarter note, eight times through the entire piece. I could up it one notch per day. I guess you could get by with fewer repetitions, and maybe starting a little faster, if you don't have 2-3 hours to spend on it, but that sort of stuff really gets you listening.
  9. Now that she has a viola, we can do the Ciaccona on viola
  10. No, it's a 1 mb limit, which makes for a bit over a minute of music.
  11. Would you like for me to record it on viola tomorrow? BTW, for recording on here, all you need is a cheap mic and a sound card. I was using my spare of a spare Sony ECM-909 that we've had I don't know how long and it seemed to work just fine.
  12. Try renaming it without spaces in the title. So everyone, two of us want to hear more. I might post some more, but not until a few more of you post some Bach.
  13. Yeah, it's really tricky sightreading. If you get to practicing it, do one part of the chord at a time (top line, then two top lines, etc.) I still have trouble with that part, plus I left my music in my mother's car, so I did a part that I know a bit better.
  14. That's what I did. If this one doesn't work, I use Zinf. It's a bit easier on the eyes.
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