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  1. Ooo I also wanna say thanks for that link, Steve.
  2. HKV brought this up a long time ago, you might wanna do a search on it.
  3. I'm glad to hear that he has been upgraded, i will say some prayers tonight.
  4. I have to agree that when my pirrazi's settled in they really lost a lot of what i liked about them...i never liked the A string though. Too nasaly and weak compared to the power of the lower strings. Right now the violin I am using is strung with helicores and i think the g and d are wonderful but the e is a very annoying one, I have never seemed to find the definative E...gotta keep looking I suppose.
  5. I've played 3 accolay concertos soo they do exist, but I have always been under the impression he was viextemps as well.
  6. I loved my evah's! i had them on my old violin a 100yr old magini copy and they made it sound so wonderful, but the sound quality quickly faded, i only had them on for a month or so because my violin had gotten crushed a month after, but all the strings werestill intact, maybe i should put them on the one i am using now, until i can find my new violin.
  7. Maybe you could play some excerpts for the kids and take a vote on which they like the most...? If they like it chances are the time duration, etc should not bore them.
  8. For cello, elgar elgar elgar!! I love that piece, it is just fantastic! For violin, I would have to say Sibelius, Mozart does nothing for me, prokofiev one is better imho, Schumann is nice and vastly underdone. So in my opinion again on violin either schumann or sibelius.
  9. That was an AWESOME recording, probably the best I have heard! However, when is Erick's playing not awesome? Thanks Stephen, Kabal, and of course Erick! I do also hope Erick feels 120% better soon!
  10. I am pretty tired of the alter ego's too. I was on a little computer break and came back and saw the Q and A game which started all the little alter egos, IMO that is.
  11. I really liked your intonation and the tone was awesome, but I think maybe you could bring out the higher notes at measures 29 to the end of your recording, if u did that I would say perfect.
  12. I got a cd of Perlman playing all of the Mozart Violin Concerto's some sheet music and we actually got a grand piano for 2500 which is such a steal. It was from an old friend of my dads who gave it to us because my dad liked it so, it was like an in honor of gift kind of.
  13. Well I have heard all this wonderful talk about Scott Cao's violins and how they are exceptional for the money, but I was wondering has anyone tried his bows?? I have seen them offered on his website, but yet have heard nothing about them. If anyone has any info on them it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thats great to hear you love your new violin!! What a great Christmas Present!! I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!!
  15. I don't own one, but have used one. I think they are really nice. It promotes good posture and is not uncomforatable like most chairs at gigs are. Pretty much sturdy, but I really do think the best thing about it is that it is moveable. however u won;t catch me spending 400 bucks on one.
  16. I like a kun, they are really durable, mine survived a crash down 30 stairs with me on it like 2 weeks ago. I have also never had a prob with it
  17. good job!! I just love playing that one. It is probably my favorite of the bach sonatas and partitas.
  18. congrats!!! I hope you have fun with yur new violin!! I am also in the process of looking for a new violin, only problem no money for it and no violin to use in the mean time.... my violin skills sure will be laxing for awhile.
  19. Thanks for the kind words guys, I am just bringing this to the top to see if anyone else has tried scott's higher lines and if so, what price range do they compare to, or are they exactly rightly priced.
  20. Glad to hear that it sounds better, things could always be worse, you could be like me and have a pancake for a violin. But anyways enjoy your new bridge and don;t let the puppy by the violin anymore.
  21. Just wondering, what are your opinions on the Scott Cao 1500 line? I am now in the market for a new violin, but I was not expecting to be in the market for awhile, however yesterday at our school Christmas concert at church I was knocked down from the choir loft which is about 30 cement steps, and along with me getting hurt, my violin was crushed and the neck ripped off. My violin was 102 years old and a maggini copy, the best violin I ever had, but it is not fixable it basically resembles a pancake and the neck is ripped off very badly (or so I have been told) they wouldn't let me see it because I was pretty much hysterical and they didn't want me to see the damage, but basically it is "dead" and that was the only thing I cared about. I broke 3 toes falling and got like whiplash because I fell on my neck, and bruised my kneecap and sprained my arm, but I was just crying because of my violin. Everyone was saying, "at least you aren't broken, the violin can be replaced, you can't." Like that really is gonna make me feel better, it wasn't their violin and it wasn't their source of joy that got ruined. However I guess an upside is my bow is fine..... however I would rather that was broken instead of my violin. But, enough of my whining I just want to know what you guys think about the cao 1500 violin or any violin around that price. The teachers at school said that they would get me another violin and that there is a fund where I can get like 3300 dollars, so if you can suggest any violin in that price range I would certainly appreciate it. No violin is going to ever replace mine, but I guess I can just get another...
  22. The Bach cello suites are awesome. I have played all of them on viola, but I am quite partial to the prelude of number 1, maybe because it is the most famous I don't know. I too have played them on the violin, but they seem to lose some sort of feeling on a higher instrument.
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