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  1. Anyone like to hazard a guess as to its origin.
  2. http://www.sheppards.ie/lot/violin-circa-1900 Is this violin Italian and what does school o fBisiach mean?
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    That's szigani Orson auto complete playing up.
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    Thanks everyone for your kind replies.I just wonder am I not applying enough pressure.I use slogans Orson and I really like it.
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    Hi I have noticed a problem I have(or maybe not) I never ever have to clean rosin off my fiddle no matter how much I apply or how much I play. I know other playesr who seem to deposit large amounts of rosin each time they play. Is this lack of bow pressure?
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/amazing-250-years-old-ITALIAN-B-CALCANIUS-1740-4-4-VIOLIN-geige-violon-violin-/321812549254?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4aed85ce86 This violin looks old does anybody have an opinion on it.Bee sting looks rough yet somebody has gone to a lot of trouble to repair it.old German copy perhaps!
  7. http://www.stringrepair.com/images/vn3/VN_DeRosa_012.JPG Does anyone know where you can buy these circular type clamps for gluing cracks. I have done a search to no avail I don't know their proper name
  8. fidleir

    Chen min

    I am currently setting up a violin Labelled "handmade by Xhen min Master Luthier 2002" It is difficult to make out but the C is overlapped by an X .Hope this makes sense.There is what also appears to be a batch no B456.Its the first time i have ever had a chinese fiddle with a label.I suspect it to be higher end factory or workshop.I'm curious because it is such a lovely player..Wouldn't mind one myself ps I'm told by a chinese friend there is no X followed by a consonant in chinese
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    Tian Yin

    http://www.tyviolin....1/E-news-1.html An interesting claim from Tian Yin A . Because white violin is a kind of co-trembling body.It will produce the co- trembling phenomenon in a specified condition, even if the little breeze. Now we make a simple experiment. For instance, a new-made violin body's trembling frequency(400Hz) will decrease by 20 percent generally(approximate to 320Hz). The high-frequency turns lower apparently,and the low-frequency will change into a wider condition. So the CO-trembling phenomenon is improved completely.Using the method and traditional alcoholic paint(oily) which is made by hand,you will enjoy an unpredictable sound fitting to the experts and professional bands' demand.After two years performanced, this violin may reach the 50%~70% degree of an older violin. B. After 2 years' dehydrating process,the inner tissue of the timber, which is used the white violin drying way,will adapt to the environment properly. Consequently, there is no change to result in deforming and cracking which are impacted by region's climate. (sic) Any opinions forthcoming on this service,
  10. When I search for a topic and then attempt to open it ,it does not seem to work.Anyone experiencing this?
  11. Does anone know where to but violin rib stock cut to 1.2mm which only needs a little planing and scraping?before anyone asks Im not good at it and I 'm a little lazy
  12. Such a pity all those lovely classical instruments have all been ruined by regraduation ,They must have sounded unbelievable before the idiots got at them?
  13. Thanks for your reply maybe this will explain what was doing more clearly G string-0123 D string 012shift 1(3rd pos) 234 A string 123(3rdpos)shift 1(6th pos )234 E string )6thpos)1234 i realise know this skips the 5th pos. Regards
  14. I'm interested in learniing a little classical and as a fiddler learning to play some in higher positions.I have been looking up the net and found that most tutors teach that on the G scale you should shift from Cnat to d (A string) and then from b to c (E string).Ihave been attemting to work this out myself previously and and was shifting from F to G(D string)playing 3rd position up to the F then shiftiont to the octave d.and repeat.
  15. A friend has just given me a fiddle to repair(not an expensive one)where the neck is broken away from the mortice the heel is split in two just above the button the neck will fit back into place to be reglued only leaving a small visible crack.Should I just reglue using hide glue.
  16. We don't ned to learm to indertify old master instruments they are all accounted for, the trade knows how many there are ,where they are etc.Now as to the advice that we saunter down to our nearest expert and apend a few evenings being shown tthe difference in rib mitres etc I find baffling why not simply print a book with illustrations eg rib mitres, common varnish traits difference in dimentions if any,purfling differences etc.
  17. Oh yes there is! There hundreds of books (extemely expensive books)and a privaleged few who handle thousands of violins(Christies Bromptons Sutherbys etc) and they do have the knowledge and cherge a fortune for it.Isn't it very strange that a beginner ,learner can't walk into a shop and buy a book for £20 that simply tells you wht is the difference between French German English Italian work etc
  18. You are right he plays ordinary rolls as described in the above video but also a very rapid (scratchy)attack in the B part of the reel
  19. http://www.5min.com/Video/Irish-Fiddle-Les...eland-176451874 I have found this on the net it may explain it better.
  20. This crunching,rasping effect is a much sought after technique in Irish(Scottish/Cape breton) fiddling and after listening again to the above examples of ricochet in classical playing it is not what Peoples is doing nor is a bowed triplet it is (I contend)five separate notes(ornamentation)of a crochet.
  21. I think hes playing a rapid short roll.I could be wrong, anyway i wish I knew how he does it.Sublime player.
  22. Scratchiness is sometimes an effect much sought after; particularly by trad fiddlers.Listen to Tommy Peoples deliberately reproducing this sound with his lightening quick rolls.http://www.cranfordpub.com/mp3s/tommypeoples2.mp3.Irish fddlers love a raspy G D string.
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