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  1. One thing at a time. The Wieniawski (for now). I probably heard it before in my life, but was not very familiar with it. And when I heard it played by you, I quickly fell in love with the music. So you obviously brought out the music well enough! I would consider that a good compliment if anyone heard me play something which is technically difficult, as this this seems to be. There are many nuances too, which come out clearly in your playing. I KNOW it's challenging to do that with technically difficult music. To prove that I'm not really familiar with this caprice, I'll say that I couldn't make out if you actually played the last note(s) of it. OK then, so you are a very decent violinist.
  2. quote: Originally posted by: thom Shimon - I hope nobody is making your life miserable by screaming down your neck. Oh well! I'm really trying to write for benefit of others. But talking of sayings...."there's none so wise as the the one who has experience". If someone is over you and makes you feel useless about yourself, and is always complaining about silly things and forcing you to rub your nose in it, and making you feel a dam fool all day and all night, then I think that can have the power to reduce some of your apetite for really being a high achiever, because you first have to work through so much feeling of guilt that the person is forcing you to answer up (to yourself...being you, a sensitive person) before being able to put your mind and emotions to anything else. And by that time you've just had enough stress for one day.
  3. quote: Originally posted by: seabird There's an old Chinese saying: Great men never know they're great and small men never know they're small. You probably can't attain genius. It's not something you can work at. What you can do is what most people do: try to knock down the people that do have it, so that you can feel better about yourself. Better yet, gang up on the genius, en masse. That will make *everyone* feel better. Oh is that YOU? Happy to see you back! Yes, what you describe is indeed what I've seen people do, to make themselves feel better! Don't you think genius is something which can be unblocked, sometimes? The Chinese saying? even IF you believe in it as a universal truth, you still have to know how and where to apply it. There's "knowing" and there's "knowing".
  4. Why not? I believe it is because of so many stumbling blocks (causing impediments) in my path. First there is the essence of the person. Then there is the matter of physical constitution/state/situation, which should not impede what a person WOULD be able to do. Age itself can bring enough impediments to prevent genius from being revealed. (though alot of that can still be challenged). Then there are more external impediments like someone screamimg down your neck and making your life a misery. Also in this category of impediment could be lack of funds.
  5. quote: Originally posted by: Mike_Henshaw Skill is cheap in the art and music world these days. But true genius seems to come from somewhere else. Children can become skilled in the manner that a parrot can become skilled, but until they've lived and loved and won and lost they can't understand the concept of putting the emotions of the powerful events of their lives into their art. Hopefully, when that time comes they won't be perpetually stuck in parrot mode... How do you8 mean it about skill being cheap? Do you mean that the right person who has all the facilities and faculties, and uses them with great youthful ambition, will have little problem in achieving it? And that others who don't have the same oppurtunities, even if they are just as talented, can only wish? (but should know that the difference between him and him is quite little.....or cheap). Or do you simply mean that with available training of toiday, it's a cheap commodity because..................................the world is so success orientated today, and the means are so much more commonly available, because there is much greater awareness of these things, that many more of these geniuses are picked up and developed than what used to be? (e.g.more money is made available, and there is more experience in catering to the needs of these extra-talented children etc).
  6. staylor


    ALL RIGHT THEN! I'll admit that I at first was wondering if it was going to be ME to break the news to expert Maestronetters here, as to what this was. But on seeing the comments, after seeing the violin performance, no one here had any problem! (since everyone here is being wise in their posts, I decided to step down a notch. I always like to be different!)
  7. staylor


    quote: Originally posted by: stefan1 Holy moly. The kid sounds JUST like Heifetz. I mean, exactly like Heifetz. Just now seen and heard it. I also recognized it to be a Heifetz recording (you mean the pronounced "B"?). (and watching it, confirmed it...obviously). Very nice perfomance (of the boy), actually, and quite imaginitive and fanciful. (NB not performed to perfection)
  8. I think it's no harm to post here too, as it's about violin playing. I've seen most of the posts here and on pegbox, but I think that you cannot prove from this clip that this boy is NOT the next Paganini, or even just like Paganini. It's good enough to qualify. And if he was being compared to the other greatest prodogies of today, you would have to know some more details such as how long has he been learning compared to them, and, were his conditions as good as theirs, and how nervous was he, and how will he develope over the coming years compared to them. Indeed, how will he play at 16, 18 and 20 compared to them. We can't know yet what kind of musicality he will get to, and however talented, a child is a child, and he may yet find out how much more feeling/musicality it is possible to put into the playing. This would come from inside himself, mainly. I'd like to point out another thing too, and that is that I think he deserves much better equipment, than what this looks like, to me. If he had this, he might have been much much more impressive even than this. He would have discovered much much more what he can bring out of the violin. I don't agree with those who say that a cheaper violin is better because it will make him work harder, and eventually achieve more. I think that it is impressive what is done DESPITE inferior equipment, but that there is no value in trying to achieve this. Or IS there? Well, it would be more like giving all kinds of handicaps etc. and then removing them later. The child will appreciate it then, but he would have got less of a head start, however.
  9. I'm quite impressed by the number of e-mails and pm's I've already recieved. Thanks everyone!
  10. By the way, I'm getting quite staggered recently by the large number of people it says are tuned in to this forum, most of them are not even members, so It's certainly not possible to know w ho they are. It could be ANYONE. I'd like to know if anyone who thinks they know me are reading any of my posts, and I'd be interested to be e-mailed at stuataylor@yahoo.com Everything I have ever written on this forum is disclaimed, for anyone who knows me from elsewhere! (it could even be a couple of relatives. Please let me know if so [i'm sure you won't!!!]). Anyone who knows or remembers me from anywhere else would be given different details. What I write here is not for you!
  11. quote: Originally posted by: Andrew Victor staylor, Perhaps you are still young and have not yet reached your peak - it sounds like that to me. Great - keep going. But I am trying to address those who fear starting as adults. One thing I failed to address above was the amount of playing a person does to improve. I recall well the ~30 months that I took cello lessons; I probably averaged close to 1,000 hourse per year during that time. I also worked on various violin concertos diuring this time period, in addition. That is serious time and if adults aspire to get reasonably good they will have to think in terms of how they will put in thousands of hours of productive practice. It's not JUST that simple, but that is part of it. Part of playing a string instrument is "gymnastics" and you have to put in the time, brain-power alone will not do it. Andy I suppose "brain power" might be what it boils down to. i.e. things related to the brain, might be what cuts out the need for many hours. Not only that, but the fact that the body easily does what the brain wants, would also help the brain to believe it can continue giving orders how to improve things even further. Well, I wouldn't want to argue much more now. I would say it is correct to say that you cannot fight against G-d, but you CAN pray to him. i.e. G-d is the one weho decides. But praying is what allows a person to continue hoping for more, even if you really don't feel it coming. And i'd imagine that there CAN be found ways worth trying. I don't know exactly, but I think there is a whole area of research called something like neuro-feedback. I wonder if that can make a substantial difference (other things too). Then there are things like Rolfing and its variations, which train the body (with deep corrective massage etc.) to function and perform more like that of a younger person. I'm sure many things have not yet been explored in a determined way just to see what CAN be done. However I can also well believe that not many people can be bothered anymore when they're well passed middle age. It's enough to want to become a fully righteous person, before it's too late, and to think about introspection and the truth of things, especially a religous person. Am _I_ still young and not reached my peak? well, I think not yet. I'm by far, not in the easiest of life situations to be a high achiever, and to bring it right out into the open. But I'd estimate that with a bit more time to myself and life conditions, and a bit more mental and physical facility which I hope to have come my way, together with my natural feeling and enthusiasm, I'd probably make another small leap in violin playing improvement. I'm already giving up, because I have other more important things to achieve still, in life, and I never intended to be bogged down only on this. When I joined Maestronet in the year 2000, approx. I was intending much more than what seems I'd aim for, now. However, life conditions did not permit. I don't know if anyone will EVER now hear me play the violin the way I WANTED it to sound like. In fact the only thing I've not yet done is to give up and actually put the lid on it. I always felt it correct and true to encourage others including myself not to think it is too late. I thought it to be a misconception, to quite a big degree, and that life is too precious to just give up, and that people go too much with the flow and with what others say. It is also sensless, however, to alot two years for the violin, and if because of circumstances there was not the freedom to do what one COULD have done, and therefore to make it another 2 years, still, being that there is much more to do in life, and still after those 4 years life did not permit for certain reasons. Then to decide 10 years later "oh, what a shame! now I'll give it one last chance" and then again, even though it should have succeeded, other things got in the way. And in the end, at the age of 90, to still say "now i'll give it 2 more years and THAT'S IT!!!! and then I'll at last coninue my other studies, and then I'll find a great job, and then I'll get married, at long last". If I was 90, I think I'd already skip the violin and go straight on to the other things already! By the way, that would be true if my idea was to be a startling young virtuoso. But if my idea was to be an older person who can get a decent tune from the violin, well, I'd hope there would still be time at a later stage! (but for now, first things first).
  12. Andrew Victor, but also check up exactly what is going wrong. When posture problems exist, that can make the world of difference, and one might call it age, and it often comes together. But if that posture can be corrected, you wouldn't believe the difference. And the same is probably with many specific things. But all-round, difficulties come quicker and more easily with age. And regarding hitting a peak, I also believe that athletes often hit a peak when they do, and then decline, more than anything else because once they have achieved something, they don't see the need to stay there just for the sake of it, and they originally only got there because they had that supreme ambition, and before they had too much distraction in life. But havin got to that peak, that changes. Kassi, Perhaps some people can actually FEEL what they are good for or not, but others only go by what they hear. Normally a person can't really know what he's good for unless he tries it as far as he/she can go. Such as person, however, will probably find he/she can get much further than originally expected. That sounds like it includes you. But sometimes, with some experience and intuition, a person can sense that he/she could get much much further, and partly expects other things to open up even more, even what he/she does not percieve as possible at the momment. By the way, whoever remembers "HKV", he is indeed a great virtuoso vioilinist, however he has admitted that he reached the stage that he can see where his limits are.
  13. quote: Originally posted by: rufviol quote: Originally posted by: KOF Old people just learning will never be as good as young people because they have fewer brain cells and reflexes, and smarts Unfortunately true, they tend to use up a lot of those 'fewer' (as you suggest) brain cells while struggling to maintain internet and general social etiquette! Maybe it's time to look for your designated driver [/img] I didn't used to subscribe to all this so much, but in fact, someone who has any health decline or any lack of various kinds of fitness at any age, will obviously have it show up in the violin. How much abuse can a person take?! But if the health and/or constitution does not impede progress, or make it very uncomfortable practicing alot, then that person will be able to continue advancing as long as he doesn't reach a particular problem. OK, experts say that a certain kind of reflex can only be learned when young, but I doubt very much it has anything to do with fewer brain cells. Will any brain expert like to confirm? There are many things that can go wrong with a brain but can be treated (but number of brain cells I think is hardly an issue, unless there was some kind of actual damage like stroke, and many damages can be repaired, if the right specialists are consulted (whoever they are) and the will is there, and there's no one trying [and succeeding] to brainwash you that you are over it or something like that (or trying to make you feel that way, intentionally or unintentionally). This can go wrong psychologically, too. (But that's exactly the point we're trying to overcome, isn't it?) In short, if you are all for it, you don't have to fear that there is an intrinsic age issue. Your feeling is the better judge. Even if you honestly feel you could play Paganini well, at any age, and you can apply yourself properly, you might succeed in virtuosic manner. Unless you hit a drawback which you yourself will realize by yourself.
  14. I meant "Poor" Cock Robin (above). Actually, coming to think of it, I suppose there IS the idea of purely sad, but it depends what it leads to. The quality would be what kind of atmosphere it conjures up, where it transports you to. But something that inspires tears due to pure sadness? I don't know if that's a very good thing. The tears should come because it triggers an emotional release of some very deep (or hurt) feelings, and that comes from a perception of hope at the end of the tunnel.
  15. It's not always clear what's meant by "saddest". If sad means taking away all feeling of life, then I suppose some of the hupermodern stuff will be the place to look. Yes that might do the job! Or, something like Beethovens death funeral march (I mean second movement of Eroica), but that borders on lack of quality, which is also an idea. At the momment, I'm listening to Bachs "when sheep graze peacefully". Also "Air on the G-string", I think have good quality and contain life, but are deep and inspiring, I can't think of the best word at the momment. But "sad" isn't the exact word. There was once a long thread about "song which makes you cry", but that is far from what might be the meaning of "sad". Actually, I remember posting there about a nursery rhyme called "Old Cock Robin". Well! I suppose that might fit the description as sad, quite well. Actually I might even call that a masterpiece, though I havn't heard it for many years now, but I remember it.
  16. I met him, and phone him occasionally ever since. He is doing very well, but unfortunately he gave up proffesional classical violin, and even though he is still very active with jazz violin etc. and is a great virtuoso violinist, his main thing is his "Kang fu Academy". I think he is earning well too.
  17. I recently CAN type into it, (by typing into the line below, and then pressing enter), but I'm just typing for myself, as there is no one else there to read it.
  18. I'm actually there now, for the next few minutes. But whenever I try to see who's there, there is no one. Is it ever used?
  19. Actually, I recently got the DVD of the Bell hour (not that I know much about what it was, but there are a historical selection of videod performances of last generation violinists), and Menuhin is playing the last movement of Paganini concerto no. 2 (campanella) and he really does do alot of sliding, which looks rather uncomfortable and a big struggle (other violinists have an easier time with technique than he does, but it does seem that he prefers musical sense to technical perfection sometimes, and however it comes out, it comes out). I havn't studied it, but I wonder if the La Campanella could be done with easier fingerings. I wionder if anyone has seen this DVD, too. I didn't get around to asking this, or looking to see if someone else did.
  20. Thanks. Well, actually the other way of skinning the cat might take more guts! So it seems like there are (atleast) 3 recordings of it. I don't know which fiolmatyas has. However, even the one I have that sounds like its going up the g and d, it is also possible that he smooths it but actually goes to the d and a. Actually I was asking if this could be done. The d and a which are played together, it sounds to me like the a is not joined to anything, only the d is joined to the previous b with a quick slide. But that might also be done (might it?) by just stroking the finger up the g string, before quickly going smoothly over to the d string, and the a string at the same time. This would ALSO take some technique and practice.
  21. quote: Originally posted by: fiolmattias He is using open strings (d-a) in the recording I have. What recording do you have? I already answered your question, but I still wanted to know what other recordings might be with different fingerings. But after listening and trying to scrutinize further, I AM prepared to be challenged on my assertion that he goes up the G and D strings, IF one would say that he slides the note B slightly to make it join to the open D string note i.e. from the third (double stopped) note played to the fourth. This has the effect of making it sound like it is all on one string, with a quick slide up to the noter D. Do you think this is what is being done? Also, obviously Menuhin has a very nice violin, and you have to listen very carefully to hear if it is an open string or not, as it is very full and rich sound even without vibrato, and with ultra smooth bowing, you have to listen very carefully to be sure there is no vibrato. But PLEASE! if I have not made myself clear, and someone knows this romance and Menuhins recordings, please, ask me to make myself more clear! But to make sure, the notes start like this first note b/g second " c/f# third " b/g fourth " d/a fifth " g/b sixth/seventh " e/d-c eigth/ninth " d/b-a Thanks for any help!
  22. Beethoven violin concerto and Romances 1 & 2, Yehudi Menuhin, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Constantin Silvestri/ John Pritchard, p1960 p1962 (I don't know what this means! [my comment]) EMI RECORDS LTD. What recording has it with the open D & A strings? Again, when played acurately, as in this recording, it sounds very good like this. But although it is completely obvious that the fourth double stop notes are played on the D & G strings, and subsequent notes too, I can't tell exactly all the notes which are or are not played higher up on the G&D, and their fingerings, or D&A. I'm speaking of the 4 times where the violin plays by itself without the orchestra, in that Romance in G.
  23. Just now noticed many molre people come in. When I turned on it was only 1 logged and 3 unlogged, for some time. Still, is it possible to see who?
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