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  1. Thank you so very much Mr. Coggins for sharing this great treasure with us.
  2. I'm using Corelli Vivace on one of my violin's, I live in TEXAS, on a ranch and carry a gun and hunt and wear leather,etc,etc... If they're good, I don't care where they come from.
  3. I have two violin's that may be Maggini copies. One is a Joseph Bohmann with a body length of 362mm. It has double purfling and the extra turn in the scroll, made about 1893. the wood is some of the most beautiful flamed maple I've ever seen, although the violin has had a hard life with a good many repair's. I've thought of having it restored, but have mixed feeling's about it... My luthier brought it to my attention the first time he work on it, that he believed it was a Maggini copy. I'm told, Joseph Bohmann owned and original Maggini Violin. The other one is a Eduard Reichert made in Dresden, Germany, 1896. It has a body length of 367mm and will not fit a standard case. It has double purfling and the extra turn in the scroll. The back,sides and neck are made of bird's eye maple with a close grain spruce top. It is beautiful. Both have a dark tone and have great projection and responce. I use Dominant A & D with Kaplan E and Oliv G on both of them. Wish I knew how to post picture's for all to see.
  4. Just bought a violin bow that is by far the best I've ever used. It is stamped "F. R. Hoyer" Germany. Can any of you give me information on the maker? It is vrey old and had no hair left when I got it. Had it re-haired along with replacement of the silver wire and just couldn't believe the tone and responce it gave me. Thanks
  5. Thanks for letting me know you did get the violin, pknorr. Now I know I did the right thing not sending payment to the Scammer who offered the fiddle to me as next highest bidder.
  6. JohnS

    I won! (eBay)

    I also won and ebay violin auction last night and I'm happy as kid on Christmas morning over my good luck. I don't know how to add the link to this message, but the item# is: (3752701620). It looks great. Can't wait to get my hand's on it.... Take a look and let me know what you think.
  7. I just received a strange offering in an email through an ebay-message. I hope the person is the real (jamesproctor). The message states that PKNORR could not pay for the violin and said I was next high bidder and could have the violin for he amount of my bid. I ask for mailing address to send payment and receive and address in Chicago, Ill. The auction page gave Northeastern Penn. as location on the violin. That seemed a bit strange to me, so I reported to ebay. No reply yet. What do you make of this and has it ever happen to any of you?
  8. (pknorr) just did me in the last sec's on a violin, and I was bidding as fast as I could. Don't know how he, or she does it...
  9. She was outstanding! Our first time to see her in person, we now have all our CD's signed, photo with Miss Hahn, looking farward to her next visit to our part of the world...
  10. I have two teenage daughter's who have become great fans of classical violin and classical music in general, because of the influence on the young Hilary Hahn and Joshua Bell have. I love them too, and I am 63 years old...
  11. Thank you Ken. I wish I were as insightful as you Sir., in your wonderful description of this(GREAT ARTIST)Hilary Hahn.... It was not my intention to do more than let all know that Ms. Hahn would be prefroming in Tyler, Texas when I started this thread, but it has been interesting...
  12. I'll say it and mean it. "Hilary is a perfect gem." Goddess Too... Guess it's all in the eye, and ear of the beholder.
  13. Will be looking forward to meeting you Yaumnik. Still waiting for your email.
  14. Hilary Hahn is prefroming with the "East Texas Symphony Orchestra" in Tyler, Texas, April 17, 2004. Can you believe it? I already have my ticket's... A dream come true.....
  15. I would say that medium-light is an accurate decription. I've had the medium-light's on for three or four days and the are sounding really good. Will try the heavy's in a week or so.
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