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  1. Hello, all. I just had a violin lesson, and no, I can't switch to another piece, wah! Yes I'm doing it from memory, and I'm playing it as fast as possible... hahaha. On the bright side, the recital got delayed a week! So, more time to practice!
  2. Hey everyone. Thanks for all the replies... The thing is, I don't know what else to play. I've been working on the Franck Sonata, but there's no way I can do that. So, I'm kinda stuck. And yes, MsMazas, it is one of the most annoying pieces I have ever heard.
  3. Rostropovich? in Art of Violin? Me confused...
  4. Sorry guys, just wanted to rant a bit about the unfairness of life. So, I cannot play the Scherzo Tarantelle by Wieniawski. I needed a concert piece for an upcoming concert that is in four days. My teacher tells them I'll be playing the Scherzo Tarantelle. I repeat, I CANNOT play this piece. I get through about the first page and I have to stop or my fingers burn so much they feel like they're about to fall off. There is no way they can change the programme, they've already printed them out. So, what do I do now? Practice like crazy and skip school for the next four days?
  5. Hello, all! Long time no post. I have been extremely busy working on lots and lots of stuff. Anyways, I'm getting a new bow!!!! One is a silver mounted Schicker bow (cute name!), and another is a gold mounted Michael Vann. Both sound nice... although the Vann is just like, WOW. Of course, the Vann is twice the value of the Schicker. So, does anyone have suggestions on how I should test these two bows? Anyone?
  6. I'm playing a beautiful Justin Derazey. I have no idea what to name it...
  7. Er... I don't... I think you switch it to PDF format then attach it to your email... lol.
  8. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I owe you lots!!
  9. Help!! I DESPERATELY need the fingering/bowing for the first page of Don Juan really soon. None of my friends have it, my teacher's off on vacation in Europe, and I cannot figure this piece out. Does anyone have the first page fingered and bowed?? If so, PLEASE send it to me soon!! Thanx
  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I really appreciate the fact that you guys were willing to help me w/this. Most of my peers told me it was an "easy" piece, and that I should be able to learn it by 2 weeks... HAH. It's nice to know that there are actually SOME people who can't play it either. I would love to put it aside for now, but I've already entered all this years' competitions w/it... so, I need to go practice, lol. I'll put some of the above tips into use
  11. Help!! I've been practicing this piece for the last month and I still sound TERRIBLE! The notes are all out of tune, the shifting is lousy, and I can't get it up to the right speed! I've been practicing REALLY slow, then pushing the tempo, but after I get to a certain point, I just crash and can't do any more. This is REALLY frustrating 'cos I've never had this kind of problem before. Please help me!
  12. I did it, I bought the Justin Derazey!!! Dropped off the cheque today, and took the violin home. It is such a nice instrument... *drools... tells herself to practice*...
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