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  1. A Melody Plus banjo i've had since age 14.
  2. My Stringworks Maestro, which cost $895.00 That is all some of us can afford.
  3. I just looked at my strings and that chart is not correct for Tonica E and A string ball end color.
  4. Jeffh

    lets fight

    GO Minuet! "Everyone is built differently". That is my argument. I have recently tried many combinations of chin and shoulder rests and no rest, and still have not settled on a particular combo. I now have an idea why nothing seems just right. A couple weeks ago i was having neck pains and they took an x-ray of my neck. I was standing straight, but the film showed a definite forward curve in the neck vertabrae. Just goes to show that not all of us are built the same.
  5. I tune at the beginning of every practice session. My violin seems to stay in tune very well, with Pirastro Tonica strings.
  6. What inspired me to take up the violin was going to a chamber music concert a couple years ago and hearing such beautiful violin music that i decided at that moment i just had to learn to play the violin. Now i am taking lessons,learning both classical and fiddle style, and enjoying it very much.
  7. To keep taking lessons, practice more, play music with family and friends. And if i have the nerve, to play in that fiddle contest next summer my teacher wants me to enter.
  8. You could check out stringworks, i currently own a Maestro that is very nice. They do have lower-priced models, but i don't have experience with those.
  9. I have a similar situation as linuxviolin. I live in a small apt. next to where i work. A couple of the receptionist ladies have mentioned that they can hear me practicing in the evenings and that it sounds good, which is a mystery to me!
  10. "Fourth, practice makes perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but better." Hey, i can relate to that! Not perfect but somewhat better.
  11. Jeffh


    From what you say,i better buy the book. My teacher said "it is torture", but if doing the exercise helps i am all for it. Jeff
  12. My teacher wants me to buy a book called "Exercises/Etudes/Studies for violin" by Schradieck. I have been looking but cannot find this title. Anyone have any info? Jeff
  13. I appreciate everyone's comments and ideas. As far as changing teachers, i don't intend to. So far, i like my teacher very much. Besides, where i live, there are only two that i know of within a reasonable distance. (30 mi.). I did have caffeine before my last lesson. Maybe i will try the banana before the performance idea. Jeff
  14. At my last couple lessons, the most recent earlier this evening, i have been so nervous i could hardly play anything cleanly. When i practice alone i am calm and play much better. Any ideas? Jeff
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