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  1. Name of this tune?

    Thanks very much Kabal! I've only ever heard a midi version of the tune a few years ago. It kind of stuck in my head and it comes back to me every now and then. It's nice to know where it came from. I may do a guitar arrangement for my class sometime in the future. Eric
  2. Name of this tune?

    Hi Folks, Probably not a violin/string tune but I know the knowledgeable folks here will help me with its title. I believe it's a pop tune, probably a movie theme or something like that: Let's say in key of C: | c d e| b_____| c b ge| a_____|(8ve) a b c| d____e|d____ etc. Thanks in advance! Eric
  3. Liebesfreud fingering

    Hi Stephen, Thanks for the info. I guess my guitar-playing experience influenced my thinking there. A similar passage on the guitar would be played with the same two fingers. >>When one plays the 24s the 13s are definitely not already >>down. I'm glad you told me this too, because I had already started to practice it with my 13 already down! Thanks again! Eric
  4. Liebesfreud fingering

    Hi Stephen, Yes I've been a member here for a few years now but don't seem to be able to find the time to visit and participate as often as I'd like. I'm glad to hear that you've had much success with this piece. Hopefully I will too in the future >> The fingering you are asking for can hardly be done any other way, but I will give them to you bar by bar as you request. You'll understand my request when I give you a bit of my background. I got off to a late start at the violin. Started when I was 25. None of my teachers were able to (or cared to) nail my most fundamental technique errors and so I couldn't even attempt double stops for years. Now that I can finally play them, I don't have any experience at figuring out proper fingerings. The bars that I asked about could conceivably be played as follows: 1] 12,34,22. 4] 13,13,13. 5] 13,13,13, 12,02. 6] 12,24,24,24. 7] 24,24,24, 02,01. Would anyone ever play them like that? After all, knowing that a fingered octave scale uses the same fingers throughout, it wouldn't be a great stretch (figuratively speaking) to slide about with a few notes, cleanly that is. I guess I'm going to have to put in oodles of time getting used to the semi-tone feel of 24,13,24. When you start your 24's, are you 13's already down? Thanks! Eric
  5. Liebesfreud fingering

    Hello, I'd appreciate hearing from others who are fluent in playing Liebesfreud. I'd like to know what fingering you use for the doublestops in bars 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. Thanks very much!
  6. .ram to .wav

    Oldbear and Russ thanks very much for the valuable info that you provided! I will try it out shortly. Noops Try this. goto
  7. .ram to .wav

    quote: Originally posted by Oldbear: ...So I am mystified that you are able to do it. What version of RealAudio are you using? Mine is version 8, build Perhaps you are using an older version? If so, maybe we need to go back to that version! I think Oldbear might be onto something here. I relented a while ago and "upgraded" to ver. 8, build In practice I think it was a "downgrade".
  8. .ram to .wav

    quote: Originally posted by Violinflu: Oldbear, Audiograbber does work for this purpose - I have used it 2 or 3 times to turn streaming RealAudio into mp3 files. 1) First, make sure you can hear wav - type files (make sure it is not muted under the volume control panel) 2) Start Audiograbber ..... If you really get stuck, I would be happy to make the wav file for you, if you send me the .ram - the only problem is, if it more than a few minutes, it will turn out to be a huge file. I could always burn it to a CD for you, though. Just a thought. Anyway - good luck! Jesse Hi Jesse, Thanks for the details on what to do. I tried everything but it won't work on my system. I can get Audiograbber all set up as per your instructions. Then when I try to get the real audio streaming, it refuses, saying another application is using the sound card. If I try it the other way around (start real audio first) then Audiograbber complains that another app is using the sound card!! I can't really send you the .ram file to record because it's just 1K big. But I'll give you the URL and see if you can have success recording the song to a .wav file. If you scroll down to Itzhak Perlman near the bottom and choose "The Jewish Mother" Real Audio, you can get the streaming started. If you have success that would be great! Thanks. Noops
  9. .ram to .wav

    I think part of the problem is that I don't have the .ra file on my hard drive, I just have a 1Kb file called .ram How would I save the complete .ra file? I tried playing an older .ra file that was on my hard drive but I still couldn't get Audiograbber to work at the same time that the .ra file was playing. The two were competing with my sound card. Noops quote: Originally posted by Violinflu: hmmm... Are you playing the .ram with RealPlayer? I couldn't get that error message. The operation of playing the ram file takes place outside Audiograbber. In the "line in sampling" window, there is a button labeled "Mixer" - Under that button, you choose what Audiograbber listens to as its source to record - for .ram files, I select WAV. I'm sorry I don't know exactly what's wrong with yours, but I would fiddle around with the audio settings a little, and perhaps try using ctrl-alt-del to close all other programs to make sure they aren't causing conflicts. Maybe someone else can help you. Good luck! Jesse
  10. My Yiddisha Momma - Music

    Thanks Oldbear for the effort. I appreciate it! I have a recording of it in .ram that I'm trying to convert to .wav so I can work with it in an easier fashion. But if I had the sheet music I'd have a much easier time learning it.
  11. Itzhak Perlman's Tone

    I'm not familiar with LWL's sound clip posting, and so this idea may have already been tried. How about someone post say, 10 sound clips to a website? Ten different virtuoso violinists. No names attached to the sound clip. Clip #1 Clip #2 etc. Then have another column posting the ten player's names: Player #1, Player #2 etc. Then challenge as many Maestroneters to match up the Clip with the Player (not on Maestronet, but to an e-mail address so as not to influence others). After a month or so, post the results to Maestronet. I'd LOVE to take part in such a challenge.
  12. .ram to .wav

    Hi Jesse, I downloaded AudioGrabber but haven't figured out how to get it to record the .ram file. Perhaps you can give me some pointers? If I load AudioGrabber first and then try to play the .ram file, Real Audio complains with: "Can't open audio device, another application may be using it." Same thing happens if I start playing the .ram file and then load AudioGrabber and try recording (with Line in Sampling). If I try to record the file directly (from menu selection), AudioGrabber says "can only record .wav files". Thanks!
  13. .ram to .wav

    Thanks a bunch! I'll check it out.
  14. Seems like Crystal has this obsession for butts! Let's see, two butt posts in just over two hours.
  15. .ram to .wav

    Hi Folks, I know there are quite a few computer whizzes on here so I thought I might pop this question. Can someone please tell me how I can convert a .ram audio file to a .wav file? Thanks!