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  1. Well said. But he will not stop. He wants to be noticed.
  2. Jeffrey should step in from time to time. He did the same one to Stephen Faulk , kept criticizing his guitars and claimed he knows better. I understand he is bored and in need of some interaction with others but I am fed up with him. This is why we kept losing people here.
  3. 2. You lying. 3. You are a bulshiter. You can't play anything. You can't read notes. I have hundreads of posts by you full of junk. I will start a thread with them one day. You are just a lier who pretends to know something. You were caught many many many many times. Go bother the Pegbox maybe they need you there.
  4. Not many players are so retarded - Mr. Anonymous.
  5. I read she injured her hand serious when a child. Can be that.
  6. You talk complete nonsense. There is nothing you know about violin or music. NOTHING. You just blow smoke on Maestronet.
  7. So what ????????? All the great piano players played much better than Beethoven. So what ????
  8. You need serious checking of your ears. They are crap. Was the Mozart Bachy or Beethoveny ? And were are the Mozarty passages ? You are ridiculous. Go do what you did before pestering Maestronet with your "knowledge" and your "learned opinions". I NEVER in my life heard bigger idiocy than "The Mozart did sound sort of Bachy or someone else {Beethoven?} sounding"
  9. Are you a pupil of M. Darnton ?
  10. It is his job when Don asks for opinions and that was perfect example of constructive criticism. I enjoyed the test and find interesting that all pros I asked liked 2 and 7 with 345 in the middle of things. There is something to be learned here. I think there should be an agreed music sample for these sorts of tests on MN. Please make suggestions !
  11. Thank you for the advise Jeffrey - problem solved.
  12. Edi, that is charming but I can not have somebody with no traceable reputation do dificult work on a violin costing ( probably ) as much as her house. As far as I know none of the local violin mechanics has insurance.
  13. Years ago I had a repair done by one of those two and it was badly done. Not only the repair itself it was bad but putting the violin back was done badly as well. I spoke with a couple of the really good players in Gauteng, including with one who has 2 very valuable violins. The consensus is that a valuable instrument can not be repaired locally. More than that there were some incidents concerning theft / fraud I prefer not to discus on the forum. My violin is not extremely valuable but it is not cheap also. I like work to be done by somebody who properly trained in a reputable and busy workshop and worked there for at least 5 years. Violin must be open, new bass bar and arch must be lifted, then neck angle checked. And after that a top notch setup. I can not take chances and I expect cosmetic to be imaculate.
  14. Because I am in South Africa Cape Town and there are no violin makers here, I must ship my violin to UK for new bass bar. I need a very sturdy box / case and possible specially made for this purpose. Can ( should ) be shorter as will not send the bow. Can anybody recommend a suitable product , the price is not relevant ?