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  1. I have a copy of a stradivaruis. It sounds great. My question is: It's named faciebat Anno. Does anyone know what that means? And how is it pronounced?
  2. I was looking up bow cleaning on the forum and I didn't see anyone mention using Dish soap! You may be thinking "What advantage could dish soap possibly bring?" At church,many little children come up to my violin and get their greasy hands all over the bow hair!!! Also, I've got olive oil on bow hair too (don't ask) Some dish soaps, such as DAWN, completely desolves the oil and leaves my bow clean and crisp! However, the DAWN doesn't disolve all the rosin. My questions for any experienced bow-cleaners is this: 1. How long should I wait to use the bow after cleaning? color> letting it dry over night, assuming that if I tighten it too soon the moisture will cause it to stretch. 2. I've heard that the frog and the head shouldn't get wet. Do your have any suggestions to clean really close to the frog and head without getting it wet? color> 3. Though some are aprehensive about doing anything with their bow, God forbid they ruin it, Is there any real caution about cleaning them?color>
  3. (to: arsweet) I'm curious, why are we putting glue on the violin? Elmers or Hide? My tip: Listen to good singers and analyze their tones and technique. See how they use vibrato and other tone variations and such. Especially for solos, you should 'sing' on the violin, not play it. color>
  4. Thank you, thank you, I will sure look into them! color>
  5. I'm intermediate. I"m not looking for something too complicated, or simple. Something which I can learn in a week or so. color> (ie: Etude no.3 by bach took me a little less than a week.) color> But what really counts is if it has that neato russian sound to it. If you know a really good peice that would take a long time and be a challenge I would be willing to put the extra in for it, granted that I heard it first and was dazzled . color>
  6. I need to get a very 'russian' sounding piece for solo violin. Does anyone know of one and where I can get it? I know there's famous russian composers, like the guy who did the nutcracker, but I'm looking for something that is less popular; less famous if you will. A piece that an american audience would say color> "that was beautiful- yet foreign... what is it?" color> Any help would be appreciated color>
  7. sunnybear, I hear ya! I want to play more too. Specifically- piano, harp, cello(sometimes, I got through seasons were I REALLY REALLY want to play cello.. but then it passes) guitar, drums, and mandolin...... when will time come to learn all this? I almost did buy a cello once. I realized, if I did, it would take away from my violin. I canceled. My brother is a great guitarist. Any time I ask, he would show me chords. I'm starting to realize that even though I often covet these other instruments; God gave me the violin. So, I'm not going to attempt any others until I feel I've been a good stewart of this first one.
  8. 21.60, thats good. But what about shipping?
  9. That's soo cool. Is it hard? I gotta learn it! I'm going to call an instructor I know. I can't wait!
  10. I've thought I saw a violinists do this really long note that continues as the bow changes direction with out a break in it. Was I emagining it? He was playing with a group so I'm not totally sure if I heard right. Is it possible to play a continuing note smoothly even when you change directions with the bow? I really want to do this if there's a technique for it.
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