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  1. : : ANTONIUS STRADUARIUS CREMONA : : FACIEBAT ANNO 1725. right after the 1725 there is trademark type : design. it is a cross with a circle connected to the bottom line of the cross. : the line through the circle at the bottom of the cross is where the capital A is : on one side of the line in the circle and on the other side is the capital S. the : top part of the cross out side the circle looks like a 4 at the tip and the ends have : two points to them. the design is also leaning like this "/". this is the lean, not what it looks like. The 25 in 1725 is handwritten also, when using a high resolution in photo, you can see there is writting under the varnish next to the sound hole,you can't see this with the naked eye. Also; Bow, with the name A.Renz,Dresden ?