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  1. Looks like we're back in business, boys and girls. I don't know what Mark did, but FF is back!!
  2. Thanks for the info, Mark, and for keeping us posted.
  3. Yes, but this time it says "disabled" not "suspended." Perhaps Mark is just working on it?
  4. Quote: ...shoveling something.... Perhaps that's what Mark feels about what's happened to his site.
  5. It's sort of back....it says something about posting disabled while monitoring. Anyway, I logged in hoping to get the Fiddle Hell info, but nothing shows up but the same index page about the posting being disabled. But now I can't log out. Anyway, it was comforting to see the page load up.
  6. Quote: And here I was in the middle of setting up the logistics for Fiddle Hell in Massachusetts (Dec 9-11,2005) on Fiddle Forum. Hope it'll be back soon... I am still going on the assumption that Fiddle Hell is going to happen. (Haven't bought my plane ticket yet, but soon, so it better be happening!!) So, Dave...I need your paypal thing again. I kept it as a PM at FF. PM me here, OK? and I'll send you that $50 for reserving the meeting room.
  7. Did Mark give any indication how long Fiddle Forum will be down?
  8. I have Mozilla and it worked with the reload button. Thanks!
  9. Quote: I knew I shouldn't have posted those pics of my dogs. Yeah, that HoneyBee is such a hellion that mere pictures of her shut down entire websites! LOL Well, I've had no excuse not to practice, anyway... Ummm...I'm not getting a redirect on Marc's site, just the suspended notice. Is it a different URL? Heidi
  10. Yes...that's the same info I got when the site was up yesterday for about an hour. Then it went down again and hasn't been back since then. Hopefully Marc will get the bandwidth useage problem resolved.....
  11. Quote: _How to Get Your Child to Practice without Resorting to Violence_ by Cynthia Richards. Thanks for the link!
  12. Quote: The dog likes the violin and sleeps under the chair as I play... Honeybee has good taste obviously! I think taking a break is a good thing sometimes. I have practiced pieces for recitals/performances to the point of extreme frustration and I was no better off. Then months later when I've come back to the piece it just seemed to all come together better and places where I struggled or had some frustration just seem to have disappeared. Maybe it just has to settle into you brain/memory/muscles...who knows?
  13. Here is an interesting website. I haven't had time to look at all of it, but check out the performance files. You can enter the site as a guest. (Hope this hasn't been posted before. Sorry if it has.)
  14. Evie...too funny!! Forgot all about that! Quote: ...her sister is a genius, but she is a math genius. But were she a violin player that would have been a great tension builder, getting the castaways from the sister. You should write Niko, aren't we ALL trying to write the Great American Novel??? Unfortunately, I have the terminal procrastination gene...
  15. Quote: The auction prices aren't really very informative because they tell you nothing about condition, questions of authenticity, and other factors that may have affected prices at auction. Good point. I was thinking less of price, etc...than helping Niko find different makers. Also about her (does this character have a name yet?) violin...didn't the older sister play and was like the prodigy? (maybe i made that up, I can't remember and i don't want to read back through the posts.) Anyway, if that's true, her violin could be a cast off from the sister as she (the sister) moved up through violins to a prof. level fiddle.
  16. Quote: ...between $5,000 to $50,000 under duress...Am I totally off-base with my price range? No. Don't know if you've checked here for instruments. Also the Maestronet price history (auction history? whatever it's called) which can be accessed from the main Mnet page.
  17. Well, in regards to the 1/8 size violin...I still think you should change it to 1/2 or at least 1/4. 1/8 is like a Xmas ornament practically. But...we could debate the little violin forever and it's just a souvenir of her childhood, right? I'm more interested in what she's playing now. Is she playing the full size violin she had when she was taking lessons as an advanced student? Did she sell that one and now has a different one? Is it some cheap rental from a local music store? Is it something pricey her dad bought for her?
  18. There's a good juv. fiction book (I'm a teacher) about a girl who is in a concerto competition. It's called The Mozart Season. I thought the playing/practicing and emotions about competing were handled well in this book. I remember it talks about her playing a scale--like Ab maybe? And then her main piece for the competition is a Mozart cto. Is there a Mozart violin cto in A flat? I don't know....haven't studied any of them yet. Here is the amazon.com link to the book.
  19. For what it's worth, here's a pic of my fingernails. LOL!!!! Geez, they look awful!!!
  20. Quote: ...volunteers teaching violin to children at a community center. I think that could be a potential pitfall. There are specific things in teaching that you might want to include for 'reality.' If you have sections about her teaching you might want to get some of the teachers' opinions from this board. Or better yet, see if there is a violin teacher in your area you could observe with young kids. Quote: 1/8-sized Mittenwald You know that Mittenwald is a place not a maker, right? I mean that works as written, but just so you know.... Also, how old was she when she got the 1/8 size. My daughter played a 1/2 size at age 8. 1/8 is pretty tiny. Quote: Now, how short are we talking? To the quick? What about the right hand? Pretty darned short. Right and left I keep equally trimmed--for balance, yes. Also if they get too long it's annoying to play. Hard to do vibrato...for me anyway. Might just be me. Sidenote-my teacher is always giving the teenage girls a hard time about their nails (there is a girl before my lesson.) She keeps clippers on her piano. I keep clippers in my case and in my car, because they always disappear when you need them. I have, in fact, gone to a convenience store before my lesson and scrounged in my car for 99 cents to buy some cheapo clippers. Quote: One last general question: I have her removing her wedding band before she plays. Is this usual? Or totally unnecessary unless it just bugs her? I keep mine on and it doesn't bug me in anyway. Earrings, however, can be a pain. I have some big gold hoops that, if I forget to take them off (esp. the left one) it clangs against the violin and then of course that sound is amplified. Also, some necklaces are annoying. I have a set of pearls I got for my wedding from my mom that I like to wear for performances...you know black dress and pearls looks nice...anyhoo, the pearls lay across my collar bone and they get squished painfully between my collar bone and shoulder rest (pad.) But I bear the pain for the sake of fashion. Sorry for the long post, but one last thing...you asked about things in books that have annoyed us. I can't recall the book, but the violinist walked in, opened his case, grabbed out his vioin and bow and started playing, just like that. For some reason this annoyed me because he didn't tighten his bow and you wouldn't put your vioin away with your bow still tight. I mean if he just walked in from the outside somewhere, then he would have had to tighten his bow, maybe put on a shoulder rest (or maybe not...see various threads about shoulder rests ), how about tuning...
  21. I'm wondering if anyone knows the original pieces these come from? The easy version is called Mozart - Three Easy Trios arr. and ed. by F May but I think it is 'dumbed down' from a real trio.
  22. Quote: Why not Viotti 22 or 23? Or perhaps Vieuxtemps 4? Just a thought. Aren't the Viotti ones considered more as student concertos?
  23. I have one by Atelier, I think is the name. It rolls up nicely and is fairly sturdy. Shar used to have them, but I haven't seen them there recently.
  24. I am looking for some CD's with Haydn string quartets. I know he wrote a lot of them-but specifically I am looking for op. 77.
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