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  1. Any thoughts on this violin? I've done a search on the name and haven't found anything. It looks pretty nice for the price. Thoughts? http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...ADME:B:DS:CA:28
  2. The Schindlers List theme by John Williams (from 1993) is a beautiful piece. Play it like Perlman did and you'll do just fine
  3. Hey everyone! I was just wondering what everyone recommends (or played) for their first real piece. I've been taking lessons since september, studies and small pieces.. but i think i'm ready to start tackling a bigger project. I'm playing conservatory grade 3, Doflein book 2, and i'm at Wolfhart #20. Any ideas would be great! My problem is that i go to the shop and buy stuff that's *way* too advanced for me. Thanks in advance! Oh, and as a side note.. i just moved up from helicores to evahs, and wow.. i think they're great! Bye, Caelus
  4. Hi Everyone! I just got given some gut strings and i'm trying to sort them all out. I already tried the online charts that i know of, either they are not there or i'm blind. The few i can't ID are as follows: Ball End- light yellow/red spiral peg end- same Ball End- white/blue spiral, peg end- same Ball End- gold with three light blue stripes at the end, peg end gold There's also a red-o-ray string with green/yellow spiral at the ball end, and yellow at the peg end. Are 'red-o-ray's' any good? Thanks for all your help!
  5. I know there have been many posts about hopf's, but i was wondering about this one... I just love the sound of it-so i'm not too concerned if it's a fake or not- and there are *no* violin makers in my neck of the woods- but i was wondering if these pictures would help identifying it or not. He is asking 1800 Canadian for it.. is this a resonable price for it? http://www.bella-music.com/pages/Hopf.html Any help would be great, Caelus
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