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  1. Dave, the source is Nicholas Lemery, 1698. Most texts I read from the time mention Ossicedro and Gran Ginepro only....could the Gran Ginepro be the Tetraclinis Articulata? Seems 3 Italian varnish books from the 1700's source their Sandarac Text to Nicholas Lemery 1698, here is the Italian translation. This other quote goes on with the lines of what you are saying: ...and the Sandracca comes from various plans similar to Ginepro —Trattati medievali di tecniche artistiche, Bianca Silvia Tosatti. Dizionario botanico italiano: che comprende i nomi volgari italiani specialmen
  2. Hi Fred, thank you, Grenada is south of the regular Hurricane zone, there were 2 in the last 100 years, but not much damage in the bay I'm in, and they did not tie the boats at the time, now they do, Worst weather I've encountered was a little after I left Haiti, waited for about 10 days for a weather window in Bahia de las Aguilas in the Domenican Republic, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, when it calmed down I departed at midnight to turn the Cape Beata, in between the Cape and Beata Island, quite shallow can get rough but it was really calm, but after the cape one ge
  3. More on the Gran Ginepro: It is a foreign Tree, large thorny, similar to the Cedro (Cedar), or to the Ginepro (Juniper), it’s leaves are made such as the Ginepro. It’s wood in Numidia is white, in Libya violet and black, and in Ethiopia very black. The Italians call it Sangu. Musical instruments are made with it. Exudes by incisions a gum similar to the Mastice. This tree is probably a species of Gran Ginepro, that G. Bauhin calls, Juniperus major bacca ruseseente, and Teostrato Oxycedrus, It’s Gum is varnish. translated from Nicolas Lémery 1698
  4. From my research I did a few years ago I believe the real Sandarac to be from the "Ossicedro", as the old texts say. The Ossicedro is called by Linneo Juniperus Oxycedrus foliis ternis, patentibus, mucronatis, bacca brevioribus (2), but there are in these description two characteristics not always constant, and that is of having always leaves three to three, and the other of having fruits longer than the leaves. This is ordinarily a bush of mediocre height, that grows a lot in the warmer countries and is reduced to small bushes in the mountainous an northern parts, It’s trunk is tortuous and
  5. Hey Martin, Joe, and everyone else, been refitting my boat like a madman than had to escape the winter in Maine, but when I reached the heat I had to escape hurricanes, and reffitiing on the way, only installed autopilot in Nassau...haha......almost a year later I am in Grenada, SE Caribbean....and the varnish bug bit me again....
  6. Hi again, been a long time away. Was searching for decent turpentine in the Caribbean and thought MN would be educational, it was...buying more Diamond G... Some things that came up to me when reading this, I do like the historical aspect of varnishmaking. In the mid 1500's Leonardo Fioravanti an Italian doctor went to Spain to help in the construction of the biggest pharmacy the World had seen, financed by Phillip II, he got in trouble by criticizing the spaniards primitive method of distillation in copper alembics, he only used glass. The Italians were expert distillers at the tim
  7. Thanks in advance, my friend’s son, 9 years old will begin learning the violin. He needs to buy it in Brazil because of the 100% import taxes and huge import bureaucracies, anyone knows if any of these, in the 300 R$ to 500 R$ range are any good? And what size? ½?
  8. Music recording should be about the music, not preserving anything....and trying to make the player sound as good as we can make him.... Of course you could try in a recording to emulate as close you can the sound of a certain instrument through a certain amplifier and set of speakers...but as soon as you change the speakers, sound like a different instrument...And the vision must persist through mixing, which is when things really change. But, yes, Jimmy Hendrix guitar sounds like a stratocaster, and Brian May's sound like the one his dad made or the new copy... You can not make chicken san
  9. Hello, my friend David Percival is searching for any information regarding his relative David C. Percival and his instruments, a cello maker from Sandwich, Massachusetts, US, mid 19th century. Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Carlo
  10. Thanks....them black weather disaster? I wonder if there was not a good system there already...or it was like the barbarian countries where they disposed it out the window? Not a glamorous subject to research upon...neither good party conversation, unless you want someone to leave.... Better move on from this, as it may be a thread killer too...
  11. May I enquire why your assumption Janito? Would not the streets be of cobblestone or some other kind of pavement? (or are cobblestone streets dusty?) thanks
  12. How about rabbit glue, compared to cow hide glue, I have quite a lot I bought to make Scagliola. It seems quite strong.
  13. I am assuming you know oil of stone is petroleum: Oil of Stone = Olio di Sasso = Olio di Pietra = Petrolio = Petroleum In old Italy available from 2 sources - nature or achieved by the distillation of wood coal, and of fossil things.
  14. All the ebony ones did it (about 10 or more different top quality guitars I owned with ebony fingerboard), and my experienced luthier friend confirmed it....he was the one to say "Ebony is good furniture wood".