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  1. Contempoary Chinese Handmade Violins

    Thanks in advance, my friend’s son, 9 years old will begin learning the violin. He needs to buy it in Brazil because of the 100% import taxes and huge import bureaucracies, anyone knows if any of these, in the 300 R$ to 500 R$ range are any good? And what size? ½?
  2. Recognizing special sound qualities from recordings

    Music recording should be about the music, not preserving anything....and trying to make the player sound as good as we can make him.... Of course you could try in a recording to emulate as close you can the sound of a certain instrument through a certain amplifier and set of speakers...but as soon as you change the speakers, sound like a different instrument...And the vision must persist through mixing, which is when things really change. But, yes, Jimmy Hendrix guitar sounds like a stratocaster, and Brian May's sound like the one his dad made or the new copy... You can not make chicken sandwich with turkey...but with compressors, expanders, freq dependent compressors, limiters, all kinds of eq, solid state, with or without capacitors, can drive the preamp very high to get more harmonics, auto tune....and so on....a lot can be done
  3. Hello, my friend David Percival is searching for any information regarding his relative David C. Percival and his instruments, a cello maker from Sandwich, Massachusetts, US, mid 19th century. Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Carlo
  4. Thanks....them black weather disaster? I wonder if there was not a good system there already...or it was like the barbarian countries where they disposed it out the window? Not a glamorous subject to research upon...neither good party conversation, unless you want someone to leave.... Better move on from this, as it may be a thread killer too...
  5. May I enquire why your assumption Janito? Would not the streets be of cobblestone or some other kind of pavement? (or are cobblestone streets dusty?) thanks
  6. Good quality hide glue

    How about rabbit glue, compared to cow hide glue, I have quite a lot I bought to make Scagliola. It seems quite strong.
  7. Magister varnish oil resin ratio

    I am assuming you know oil of stone is petroleum: Oil of Stone = Olio di Sasso = Olio di Pietra = Petrolio = Petroleum In old Italy available from 2 sources - nature or achieved by the distillation of wood coal, and of fossil things.
  8. Best fingerboard, where to buy

    All the ebony ones did it (about 10 or more different top quality guitars I owned with ebony fingerboard), and my experienced luthier friend confirmed it....he was the one to say "Ebony is good furniture wood".
  9. Best fingerboard, where to buy

    Electric and acoustic, when you tour with several guitars it can become a pain.... plus I hate to pickup an instrument, and have to adjust truss rod, which means removing truss rode cover plate, adjusting, checking, adjusting again....20 minutes later.... None of that with cellos?
  10. Best fingerboard, where to buy

    Hate to say this, and please do not expel me from the forum for doing it.... but I have a friend who was a well known guitar maker that used to say that ebony is great wood, for furniture... IMHO ebony has some good qualities, sound, feel and looks, but it has a very bad one, instability, every ebony fingerboard guitar I've had when touring always needed truss rod adjustment, while pau ferro fingerboard never... a violin being small I assume it does not matter(?) but a cello, without truss rod, I would assume it does quite a lot... My favorite of all is snakewood, best looking, sounds great feels wonderful and as far as I can tell, super stable - but part of the feeling s the extreme amount of oil, so forget about glueing it with hide glue...
  11. Ground on violin neck??

    There are two kinds of Walnut Hulls nucum juglandis And another - a complex fossil, organic and mineral substance, originated from the decomposition of vegetation accumulated in wetlands (turf - peat swamps) - water soluble - erroneously called Walnut Hull.
  12. Ground on violin neck??

    I personally do not like dirt on the neck, I like the looks of fine varnished wood, but it has to be slippery so I came up with the following, and it works great and looks great: Joes Balsam ground - apply as in the rest of the instrument. Joe’s Balsam Ground Varnish. Now take the varnish leftover from application in the instrument (on each coat) and make a thick paste with tripoli, or pumice. (tripoli can be nice because of the color) Burnish the neck with that paste, it will become non sticky, now apply a diluted coat of varnish, wait 20 minutes and burnish with a cloth moist with turpentine to remove all excess. Repeat several times. Looks great, feels very slippery and the wood is better sealed.
  13. Happy ChrismaHannukaQuanzaSolstice

    It seems as most of you are not celebrating Saturnalia?? Non semper Saturnalia erunt!!! Ahoy!!!
  14. Turpentine for thinning Robson Varnish

    I bought the gallon, it was on the website, it is not anymore from what I can see. When I received the gallon first thing I did was to place the turps in glass bottles, I have seen no sediment, it was probably not long enough in the metal container for it to react? I have some of their aged turps too, so easy, took me so long to make my own and it always got used too fast...have not used theirs yet....hoping it has a strong solvent power for harder to dissolve stuff...