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  1. Hey y'all. Long time, ehh? Anyway, I need to find the sheet music for the Faure Violin Concerto. I have searched online for a week. Please help. always, Brad
  2. I use Viva La Musica. It is so d@mn comfortable and its cheaper than Kun!
  3. Im thinking about getting a Coda Bow for my Birthday. Which one is better, Aspire or Conservatory? Thanks.
  4. What are you playing in your youth orchestras this year? In YPSO, we are playing the Zampa Overture and Korsakov's Le Coq D'or Suite.
  5. whats better, exam grade 7 or diploma exam? i have no clue Thanks
  6. How difficult is Stravinsky's Suite Italienne? Im currently working on the Bruch concerto in g minor. How does the bruch compare to the Stravinsky suite(in terms of difficulty)? please help, i would appreciate answers
  7. I have been using Hill and Sons Light Rosin for a year and i find it VERY dusty and gritty. So, this past week, i changed to Millant-Deroux Gold & Silver Master Rosin (from france) it is a complete turn around for the better. Have you guys had the same problem w/ Hill rosin? If you use Millant-Deroux, do you like it? If you dont use any of those rosins, what do you use?(comments please) Thanks Au revoir Brad (Bruno.
  9. Our orchestra is playing suite no. 2. Which one have you played? Which do you like better? Which is heard more often? Which is more difficult to play?
  10. Rite of Spring rates no. 2 on my top ten 20th century pieces for orchestra, no. 1 is a three way tie between Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, and Rhapsody in Blue.
  11. Get a better bow. It worked for me!
  12. No offense snow girl, but, Bach Sonatas and Partitas are for the advanced violinist and professionals, not for intermediates
  13. Have you ever played it in your string orchestra? My school orchestra did for ensemble and got a II rating. It is good considering no school orchestras got a I that day. I love it. It is very fun to play. Give me your reactions.
  14. What is wrong with the Beethoven Concerto(THE BEST VIOLIN CONERTO EVER WRITTEN)? Please, don't dis Beethoven
  15. What nationality is he?
  16. That is weird, all three of the Grieg sonatas are on the list here
  17. You might wanna think about Kriesler's Paludium and Allegro. Very showy or Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy
  18. Try the Grieg Sonatas! Im playing NO. 3 for this years solo and ensemble
  19. I listened to that part of the st matthew passion and loved it. Ill try it
  20. I want to play at church on Good Friday. Here is what I had in mind to play: Lento Assai from Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy. It sounds dark. Ita emotional. If you can give me other suggestions, those would be appreciated. Thanks BradleyJoe
  21. Yesterday we read through two overtures: Die Fledermaus Overture by Johann Strauss Jr. Barber of Seville by Rossini They were really fun. Have you played these. If so, comments?
  22. I played the INtermezzo by Mascagni in string orchestra when i was in 8th grade . I was a first violinist in there. If your violinists can go very high, you'll be in good shape.
  23. I LOVE Bruch's 3rd symphony. If you do, why? if you hate it, why? if its just ok, why?
  24. Today we got more new music, Dvorak Symphony No. 8, wait, i played that last year. but, today our conductor wants some seconds bumped up to violin I. Im at the top of the list for that since principle second doesnt wanna move last year i played the violin II part. Ill give you results soon
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