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  1. My only performances in public are with my guitars, so.... I remember a gig a few years back when I was doing a solo rendition of 'love struck baby' on a borrowed twelvestring. I got into it quite well, and the moment I wanted to start the solo part a guy started yelling for 'hey joe!' and slamming slammed his fist on the table.... .. . I lost the swing, and completely F***** up . He did get me a beer afterwards and said sorry . Other requests: stairway, cocaine, smells like teen something , and ode to joy............ If I ever take my violin out of my room, I wander what will happen. I did get some other non-music related requests that are out of place on this forum.
  2. Everything I know right now! But, honestly I wish I started playing instuments earlier on. I got my first real instument at 18, and have been hooked ever since. I feel lucky that I do not have to deal with the industry. I see a lot of my friends struggling to make a decent living, and their frustrations make it clear that its not about art anymore. Is all about money, contacts and prestige. Quality is measured in long & shortterm moneymaking opportunities. I feel blessed that I can enjoy, play and create in a musical format without having to worry about money and stuff. A daytime job takes care of somethings, and it still enables me to make music at least 3 hours a day. (I do think about it most of the time!)
  3. Thats just cool!! I have a soft spot for Brian and felt very sorry for him when I saw a documentary of him where after he had fought drugs. At least he survived!!!
  4. Thanks for mentioning Brian Wilson. I'm humming good vibrations since i read the message.....
  5. You don't have to say it out loud. But now I'm curious. Are his initials MK?
  6. This better not turn into a 'who's the best guitarist' thread! Still, Page is up there. Beck is god!
  7. True, they did write some good songs. And they had a pretty good production on the stuff.
  8. Its a weird instrument.....I remember Jimmy Page doing some stuff with it (and his guitar) on the 'Whole lotta love' impov..... I guess learning it is kinda hard. Imagine playing a scalar pattern of fourths with it... Now here's a challenge!
  9. Supertramp? Sorry, couldn't resist the thought that Supertramp is a very silly band, with very formulaic songs.... Its not rock.... But maybe I just listend to the best-of CD too much!! I wander what would happen in Joe Perry was a violinist? Or Jeff Beck . Dreams....
  10. I can understand that. I wasn't too thrilled about his tone or interpretation back then, but the cadenza made me laugh! He has a fresh spin on things that is at times pleasant to listen to.
  11. "Is there such a thing as being "technically perfect" anyway? " No! "both general musicianship and technique are important" I agree! And if you use your technique to effectively communicate your own personal muisicianship you are doing just fine!
  12. Thanks! I had a VHS recording of the mozartconcerto and I loved his take on the cadenza!
  13. "To enhance the sound I'm experimenting with differt types of wristvibrato. (speed, depth, phase and ADSR as variables) >> That's ok, but be sure to first produce the best possible sound with the bow and good intonation before you use vibrato, otherwise it may just hide symptoms of bad bowing or intonation" I agree! In fact, if you play a note right, the vibrato comes natural but only to enhance what is 'correct' in the first place!
  14. "could the "wooo" sound you hear being the natural resonance of the strings? For example, if you play a G on the D-string, you should(will) hear a sympathetic vibration of the G-string" Yes, but the sound is available at any note, any position. At some points your hear it better, resonance enhances the effect. I have improved on intonation a lot by just trying to focus on this soound. In fact, I feel that this helps me to develop my relative sense of pitch further. (I have no perfect-pitch, but after playing for a few minutes my ears are tuned up!) More about the temperature: I'm not sure what the effect of humidity & temperature has on my strings (gut, eudoxa) but I can relate to the fact that this is just something that personal for me. About the guitar: Its a marvelous instrument. I use gold-plated strings (I have very agressive sweat! and price/quality/durability rate is the best of any!) , and when they are fresh and tuned to pitch its a great treat for the ears. Depending on your tuning method the G-chord is one of my favorites! What other aspects of the violintone could be considered for ear-focus techniques? I would like to exchange some ideas on this subject besides the 'woo'-sound!
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