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  1. How strange that I happened to be looking at this forum today too! Glad to see you back, GV!
  2. Thanks for your quick response, Jeffrey. I may look into borrowing a violin for the rest of the season. It's hard to find one that feels the same as mine, which is a concern, because I don't have a lot of time to adjust, but I will look around. The crack in question is a surface crack. I suspect it's due to my poor maintainance of the violin. I haven't been able to get regular soundpost adjustments, so I suspect that the weather changes over the past few years has caused it. I will have to try and be better about that in the future...
  3. I found out about two weeks ago that my Scarampella has an open soundpost crack in the top of the instrument. I am planning on getting it fixed in a couple of weeks when my busy performance schedule is done for the year. My question is, how does having an open soundpost crack generally affect the sound quality of the instrument? I ask this because in a recent competition, I received comments about my sound that were a little unusual to me, and I wonder if they might be in part due to this crack in my instrument. Basically, a judge said that my tone wasn't sounding very rich, which is actually the opposite of what I normally hear. I assume most of this is my playing's fault, but I'm also wondering if it might be partly due to the crack. Any thoughts?
  4. I agree that Frank Peter Zimmermann is one of the best living violinists. I am also a huge fan of his, and own all of his recordings, including the ones harder to get. His technique is flawless, and he has one of the purest sounds of anybody I've heard. I've seen him play the first 5 Mozart concertos live with the Cleveland Orchestra, and they were spectacular. His Beethoven recording is the best I've ever heard.
  5. yes, generally people go up to C with 4 octave scales.
  6. It would make sense if you don't use a turn on the bottom of the scale (3 octave), but with most systems, you do. With the 4 octave scale, the turn won't solve the rhythmic problem.
  7. for 4 octave scales you should be doing 7 notes per bow. at least, that is the usual way of doing it. i'm sure there are other ways to practice it, but that makes the most sense. so basically you are changing on the tonic.
  8. Midori's recording is great. Frank Peter Zimmermann's is great too, but it's harder to get. (I had to order it from a German website)
  9. Frank Peter Zimmermann is definitely my favorite living violinist. He is spectacular. His Beethoven recording is the best I've ever heard.
  10. The intonation is great for someone who's been playing for only 6 months. Keep up the good work!
  11. I agree that both Sergey and Antal were probably equally good, although Antal suited my own taste more. I also thought that Sergey wasn't playing his best, based on the other times I've heard him play. I wasn't surprised that Alena Baeva didn't make it to the top six, based on some technical mistakes that I'm sure played into the judges' decision. She is a very individual player, and I'm sure that she will be back in four years as a prizewinner if she chooses to go. The reason I find it so strange that Antal didn't place was because so many people were saying that he would be top 3 or better. Antal told me that he personally was surprised as well, which is no wonder. He will certainly have a wonderful career, though. He said that the good thing was that he got so much exposure because of the internet broadcasting thing, and I think that's more important than the prizes if you want a career. I look forward to see how he does, because he certainly has what it takes.
  12. Yes, Preucil is awesome. Also, in the co-concertmaster category, there's William dePasquale (Philadelphia) He was acting concertmaster for many years until David Kim came, but now he is retiring, sadly. He is a wonderful teacher. I studied with him when I was living in Philadelphia.
  13. Oh yes, I think Khachatryan deserved to win, but Szalai got screwed, imo.
  14. Keith, I had the same thought about perhaps they are waitiing for the next time to give Szalai something, but maybe they should have just given him 2nd prize anyway. The difference between 1st and 2nd isn't THAT big.
  15. Yeah, I disagree with that. You should take advantage of whatever good instrument you have, and work on making it sound as great as you can. I agree that a good instrument can serve as a motivation to practice hard. I see no real benefit to practicing on a crappy instrument.
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