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  1. Manfio's Bench; My latest instrument...

    Manfio: Great sound!! Full, and even, with nice presence and character....that's a 15.5"? Wow. Congratulations on your latest. Best, Rod
  2. Looking to buy Strad Posters for first violin

    Ah right, understood now. It wasn't clear from original post.
  3. Looking to buy Strad Posters for first violin
  4. The Chi Mei Collection Book from the Cremona Exhibition

    Cool! Thanks a ton! rq
  5. The Chi Mei Collection Book from the Cremona Exhibition

    Thanks. That's 10 of the 23 instruments in the book. Curious as to the rest. Pics look pretty good if they are as depicted above.
  6. Howdy. Does anyone have a list of the instruments featured in the following book? Thanks. Rod Bottega Italiana, Rare Italian Instruments from the Chi-Mei Collection Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari, 2013
  7. 1718 Strad?

    looks and smells fishy.
  8. Just got my order from Bow River Woods

    You can use a router to take your edges down to size after the outline has been established. Having the extra wood will actually make the piece more stable when you cut the outline out, compared to if the wood had been split in a wedge and joined. If you don't have a router you just use a big gouge to hog wood at the edges close to the line establishing your edge thickness.
  9. Antiquing from New

    Jeff Phillips and Antoine Nedelec have a nice overview of their method in the Strad Trade Secrets journals. I think they varnish straight then strip and wear back.
  10. ".....and singing in the key of F sharp." Sounds right to me, if I were playing piano accompaniment with standard/present day tuning. (F#/Gb)
  11. Sounds like the key of G-flat to me based on the root. A drone based on a g-flat and its 5th might be a workable accompaniment, but I'm not familiar enough with Sami music to know if it would be appropriate. Also, as Martin said, the pitch goes up a few cents as the song progresses.
  12. New Model????

    Has anyone had any experience with completion of the Obie 1 model developed at Oberlin? It was supposed to be a springboard for development of "other" more personal models.
  13. Gone With The Wind

    There is a strad poster with plans... rq
  14. Gone With The Wind

    OK, sorry Petrus, didn't mean to hijack your thread....back to the original program at hand: PoM. rq
  15. Gone With The Wind

    It was actually an English Bow exhibit....I'm not so much a bow guy, but some of those bows made me drool. It was spectacular. rq