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  1. Any ideas? this violin came in today to my shop, no label. It was played many years ago in the Minnesota Orchestra. Looks like it was refinished at one time after 1940. Thin edging (3.5 mm) Good workmanship, strad f holes, More mellow than bright sound. Any ideas? The bow in the case is stamped Arthur Thoma. Octagon, silver mounted, three part parisian eye in Frog
  2. Ok, thanks for the help, everyone. I have since found examples by the same maker elsewhere on the internet. prices vary, anywhere from 400 to 1500, usd. Thanks for the bits of humor too.
  3. Intriguing discussion! thanks everone for helping to identify the unlabeled violin (my original post at the top) with comments about the culture and history. I'll pass it all on to the owner. I don't understand, being Norwegian and a hardanger fiddle builder, why "fancy' fiddles would cause some to loose their cookies. some strads were fancied up (One owned by Ole Bull). By the way, here is a photo of the fancy fiddles I build:
  4. Wasn;t actually much varnish left on it. the finish was in terrible condition. I don't believe it had that great a worth so we are refinishing it. I'll put on a couple of more photos.
  5. I'm restoring a well-made violin played by great grandfather in late 19th century. I believe he bought it over from Germany. Well graduated, good craftsmanship in back with different kinds of wood in inlays. Anybody know who might have built it? there is no label and no stamped ID