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  1. In reply to: Älä anna "soodaveden" nousta päähän... ei millään pahalla en annakaan, halusin vaan kerran kokeilla brassailla ei mul oo mitaan noussu paahan. oikeesti. ainakaan viela.
  2. I'm never happy with my playing.... and I think I'm not so good.
  3. I can play any piece without seeing notes. I mean, I can play for example Waxman Carmen fantasy from my memory without seeing the notes. and that's NOT good, because always when I practise I start to play something else (Bazzini, Ysaye...) I could play Sibelius' concerto to first cadenza without seeing notes. And I was 8 years old... iivopet
  4. Thanks for the link... I think I'll wait few years
  5. I love his violin concertos. They are so wonderful. I can't explain it in english...
  6. really? how did you get to that orchestra? are there "tryouts" ? (I don't know a word for that) is there a chance to get to that orchestra if I'm finnish?
  7. I heard when Repin recorded this piece. it was really nice piece! when he played his encore, he played Tchaikovsky's third movement again. He made some mistakes (I don't know better word in english ) at first time...
  8. In reply to: Will he be playing with RSO, HKO RSO = The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra HKO = Helsinki symphony Orchestra and Altistitar, we haven't meet in long time.... I just thought we would go listen Maxim together with some other people from that music camp?
  9. Schleswig Holstein Music Festival Orchestra Conducted by: Saraste I don't know if he's giving a masterclass. iivopet
  10. I personally don't like his Sibelius concerto. He plays Saint-Saens concerto (I don't know what number, propably no.3)
  11. Finally my dream is true. Maxim will come to Helsinki at August. I don't know yet what he'll play. I found a fan site of Maxim Vengerov: http://membres.lycos.fr/vengerov/ There are some videos and radio recordings etc. iivopet
  12. Kogan is good I think... not boring.
  13. the page cannot be found!
  14. I just bought my new bow. I just love it Jean-Pascal Nehr, last year, turtle bone and gold iivopet
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