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  1. At the recent Sydney Royal Easter Show (think agricultural show on a big scale - a Sydney institution not held last year but but back with numbers limited to 60K a day) there was a violin in the woodwork competition - it came second. I don't want to sound like a smart ass, and I'm the least qualified to comment on another amateur's work, but it left a bit to be desired in several areas. However, non-violin judges clearly thought well of it. Like Heron-Allen's work, I'd rather people had a go than not. It's the best way to learn and hopefully improve. Regards, Tim
  2. This is a bit old (aren't we all?), but still worth a watch: Little Box that Sings Regards, Tim
  3. This has nothing to do with extreme cold, quite the reverse. In the catastrophic fires of late 2019 early 2020 in Australia I understand they consumed so much oxygen near the fire front that internal combustion engines would not run. Pretty bad news for fire pumps and cars if you were hoping to out run it. Nature has a million ways to kill us. Tim
  4. Can you read the name? I cannot from the pictures, not that it is important. I'd be interested to know if they are in Alan Coggins' book on Oz makers, which I don't seem able to find available for sale on the 'net anymore :-( Tim
  5. OK, I'll bite. It does seem the accent is hard for our US cousins:
  6. From lootedart site: "...with repair costs of ca. €50,000..." I don't doubt the expertise or restorers at this level, or their worth, but what must be wrong with it? From the photo the edges look to need work. Are there cracks as well? Neck issues? How many hours would be guestimated to come to 50K? Tim
  7. My wife is of Maltese origin and we watch each Sunday morning a news program packaged up for Australia by the Maltese public broadcaster, both a live to air episode and then a streamed one from the previous Thursday. In last Thursday's edition was a story on Carlo Grech, a Maltese violin maker and restorer. It is on the web, but I suspect that without a VPN to hide your location it will not be visible outside Australia. If you can access it the story starts at about 11 minutes in: https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/maltese-news?play=1841388099926 It is in Maltese, but haven't
  8. Some things are timeless. I said this in 2011 in another of these discussions. What is scary is that it is almost ten years ago:
  9. My youngest daughter is an archaeologist and uses Agisoft Metashape for everything from megalithic temples to stone flakes. I've often thought it would be good for violins. https://sketchfab.com/M_Robinson/collections If you saw a recent National Geographic documentary Chasing the equinox the 3D model of the Maltese temple was hers. Regards, Tim
  10. Ever happy to plug Australian products (I have no interest other than wanting to promote Oz businesses) HNT Gordon has a beauty, but bigger than the ones mentioned above. Available in the US at a good price because our dollar is so low: https://www.heartwoodtools.com/hntgordon/radius-plane Tim
  11. "I suspect that the most likely place for them to appear is in Argentina, Australia, Canada, or the USA, ..." To quote a famous Australian film "Tell him* he's dreamin" I've been looking for years. I'd be happy to find an unrecognised Smith. Keep safe. Tim * Yes, I know.
  12. My preference is for people to stand behind their opinions, which is why many years ago I changed to my name. In an ideal world it would be safe and possible for everyone to feel they could do the same. Sadly, we live in a far from ideal world. We are all leaving an enormous digital trail and the essence of privacy is the ability to control your own personal information, so I understand and support the right to use a pseudonym. The downside of this is, as Mr Darnton pointed out, that the reader of the forum does not have important contextual information about the poster which could be very
  13. Not that I would know, but I've held the end of the peg in a drill chuck, with the drill fixed in a vice and turning slowly. Then I use an Exacto saw to make the cut. Is this in Johnson Courtnall? Can't think of where else I would have picked it up. Tim
  14. It looks like there was a brass finger plate (and looking on the web I see some were very ornate). Can you make brass plate the correct size and shape and attach it to the stubs? I was wondering if they could be used as rivets - possibly not high enough - or drilled and tapped. What I mean is a cover for the area and to make the brass pegs appear to do something. An escutcheon plate - there's a phrase I never thought I'd write. My thoughts on a rainy day. Keep safe. Tim
  15. I am the last person in the world to even consider offering business advice to anyone. However, it seems to me that Covid 19 needs to be seen as a disruptive technology on steroids. The web demolished the old media paradigms, and dramatically changed pretty much everything else, over a period of years while the virus has done it in months. I don't believe it to be hyperbole to say things will never be the same. There is a very interesting case study in Cremona for an enterprising MBA student to work on. Perhaps the makers could consider commissioning a review of their industry. Keep