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  1. The cracks, and that end pin!
  2. Sorry Jacob, I should have made it clear. The ad for the instrument states it was bought in England and includes a photo of the sale document.
  3. I'm not connected in anyway with the seller, but I thought this might be interesting to those researching 19th century English makers. There is an 1895 violin by William Old currently for sale on Facebook market place in Sydney, I'm not posting this in the Auction Scroll as I don't want a discussion about price, this is really about the maker. It looks amateur to me - but what would I know. A quick Google didn't find him. I won't post a link here, but I have copied the photos in case someone wants them. This is from one showing the saddle, and some other slightly disturbing details. and the label: Regards, Tim
  4. Shocking comment. We must resist this kind of thing in order not to impede our current flow. I'm just off to meditate (Ohm, Ohm...) Tim
  5. Thanks, we must have got lucky :-) Tim
  6. Is that neck and scroll original?* I am a long way from any expertise on this, but we've had a few JTL fractionals when our daughters were learning and none of the scrolls were that rough. Regards, Tim * noting broken and hideously repaired button.
  7. Yes, Harry featured in The little box that sings some decades ago. An extraordinary man and a great iconoclast. Probably the person most skilled with their hands that I have ever met. Tim
  8. Those on the dreaded Facebook might be interested in the site about the last violin to be made by the legendary Harry Vatiliotis, who has retired at 86. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075266294594 There is also a website you can donate to the project: https://documentaryaustralia.com.au/project/the-last-violin/ Some years ago he had acquired his first, and it sat in a glass case near his workroom when he made my youngest's instrument. Regards, Tim
  9. Many thanks Berl for the tip - I just bought a hardcover version for $25.25 AUS posted to Oz, amazing bargain for a violin book! Tim
  10. Also in Oz. Shipping costs here from the US and the EU can be insane, sadly. If you want to make your own, the Darnton Mastic Varnish is dead easy - but seems to get better with age (don't we all :-) . I've always wanted to try Adele Beardsmore's varnish see: https://cdn.cremonatools.com/media/wysiwyg/PDF/HOW_TO_MAKE_VARNISH_Adele_Beardsmore_2008.pdf Tim
  11. Very hard to tell. Is it handwritten? A repairer rather than a maker?
  12. Fascinating. I see there is a Carlingford Heritage Centre - I wonder if they could assist in anyway? There might be local family history association. If all else fails, there is a local single grain malt - you might have to go on a site visit :-)
  13. I've found the Chinese made finger planes on ebay to be fine for what I do, I prefer them to the one brand name plane I have.
  14. I guess you were not able to trace any descendants? Did you find any records of children of the marriage with Flora (assuming she was the spouse)? Family stories of ancestors are generally just that, stories, but just maybe an instrument has been kept? However, if Flora was the widow the move to Ireland might not have helped in preserving things from the marriage.
  15. I'm not sure if the current floods on the east coast of Oz have had any coverage internationally, with WW3 on the horizon I suspect not. You might remember just before the plague we had the largest recorded fires. As a popular 19th century poet said, Australia is a land of droughts and flooding rains - only never on this scale. A sad photo from the Lismore Conservatorium.
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