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  1. TimRobinson

    The Violin Construction Hierarchy

    Surely the use of power tools by a maker increases efficiency, reduces person-hours and so the cost of making, resulting in more instruments produced in the same time and then sold at a price undercutting the competition. I know of one very successful maker who used this business model. The quality of the product has never been seen as an issue by the target market. Regards, Tim
  2. TimRobinson

    Strange Symbol After Signature

    M(ade) IT(ALIA)? Tim PS - If it were I would really have expected "Fecit Italia" or similar.
  3. TimRobinson

    Odd Cracked Pegbox Repair - Recommendations?

    Would heat from the tip of a soldering iron applied to the end of the nails assist in removing them? You'd need to be careful not to scorch the varnish or timber - possibly a heat shield with a small hole for the tip? While not on a violin, I bought a very handsome 19th century brass backed saw with a brass strap repair to the broken handle. I was going to remove the old handle and make a new one, when I thought I should preserve the integrity of the repaired tool and the skill of the repairer, which I did. A clean and sharpen as it was a good as new, and it tells a story. Tim
  4. TimRobinson

    Violin finds / treasure hunting

    I forgot about the 1834 Dantan bronze of Paganini for $65. Tim
  5. TimRobinson

    Violin finds / treasure hunting

    As an inveterate buyer of junk of all kinds (ask my family) I have brought home the odd violin "treasure". Possibly my best bargain buy was a quite decent East German bow (cannot recall the maker) for $9 - had been reduced from $18 at a flea market. A pretty violin marked Georg Leeb178? for $150 - was in a poor state when I got it. Most interesting was a violin made entirely of Australian timbers by Anders Nielson in 1926 - has the best piece of Tasmanian blackwood I have ever seen for the back (pity it sounds crap) - was $400. I don't know what any of them are worth, but I thought them all bargains :-) I've also bought the odd trade instrument at markets as fixer uppers for cheap re-sale to friends etc, but I find I'm very picky these days. Tim
  6. TimRobinson


    I have to admit I have not heard of the Nyckelharpa before, let alone seen one (or two): https://www.facebook.com/eleonore.billy/videos/1145186848952328/?t=88 It comes from the always interesting Facebook page of Lespets Camden Fine Violins Tim
  7. TimRobinson

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Hi Davide, Apologies for not replying sooner. I will give this some more thought and then give a better answer. I've thought to myself for a while there would be merit in a public institution (or institutions) preserving the records of makers for a variety of reasons. Publications (such as Alan Coggins' excellent work on Australian makers - shameless plug) assist to some extent with the verification of instruments' provenance. How about the preservation of makers websites and the many outstanding Youtube productions - yours being prime amongst them? Regards, Tim
  8. TimRobinson

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Davide, your comment about a photographic archive interests me. An archivist for 38 years the question of authenticity and integrity lies at the heart of what I do. In the case of an archivist it is the authenticity and integrity of the records in our care that is the concern, what Sir Hilary Jenkinson called the "physical and moral defence of the archives." In your case it is the need to preserve the authenticity and integrity of both your archive and your instruments. Archival organisations established by governments, or in my case a public university over 150 years old, have the strength and resilience of of their nation state and the continuance of civil society to assist with both preservation and integrity of the archives. (Sadly there are many cases where this has not been the case.) How, over time, do you ensure the preservation of your archive? I wish you a long and successful life, but one day we all won't be here. Who will maintain your archive? How will it both be physically preserved and its integrity and authenticity be ensured? Are you concerned about what happens after you? Would making it public now discourage the fakers, or just encourage them? Regards, Tim
  9. TimRobinson

    You Can Make a "Stradivarius" Violin

    You could learn the flute...
  10. TimRobinson

    Elusive lining clamp source

    What did Tony do? (No, no - I'm not serious, please don't....) I see you can spend 4.79 Euro on a single clamp - but it does come from Cremona so it must be better :-) Regards, Tim
  11. TimRobinson

    Stefano Scarampella Fake quality

    "...a genuine Scarampella often has some rather rustic woodworking..." That's an understatement :-) The one I saw had one of the ribs bent the wrong way so the toothed plane marks were on the outside which had been roughly sanded to hide them a bit. The f-hole fluting was a couple of quick flicks with a gouge. Sounded bloody amazing... Regards, Tim
  12. TimRobinson

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    I am very saddened to hear of this. His passion and personality burst through the internet. Tim
  13. TimRobinson

    Blind test in which Strads and del Gesus came out on top

    Not for me :-) I have red/green colour blindness. The important point here is that we cannot trust our senses (Oh, I think I'm regressing to first year epistemology). Have people ever had a hearing test showing sensitivity to different frequencies? We all know our hearing changes with age, but the particular drops I had were a bit startling. We can never really know what someone else hears (or sees), but can work on a consensus, which is what seems to be happening with the blind tests. Some (many) people appear to like or prefer a particular violin sound, but they are probably not hearing the same thing. Tim
  14. TimRobinson

    Self made instrument

    A photo from the National Library of Australia - a busker in Sydney in 1929. Interesting bow(s). I hope he made some money. Tim
  15. TimRobinson

    Instrument Photography Tent?

    I guess you know about this great resource: www.darntonviolins.com/violinmagazine/book/violin%20photography.pdf ?