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  1. TimRobinson

    Stefano Scarampella Fake quality

    "...a genuine Scarampella often has some rather rustic woodworking..." That's an understatement :-) The one I saw had one of the ribs bent the wrong way so the toothed plane marks were on the outside which had been roughly sanded to hide them a bit. The f-hole fluting was a couple of quick flicks with a gouge. Sounded bloody amazing... Regards, Tim
  2. TimRobinson

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    I am very saddened to hear of this. His passion and personality burst through the internet. Tim
  3. TimRobinson

    Blind test in which Strads and del Gesus came out on top

    Not for me :-) I have red/green colour blindness. The important point here is that we cannot trust our senses (Oh, I think I'm regressing to first year epistemology). Have people ever had a hearing test showing sensitivity to different frequencies? We all know our hearing changes with age, but the particular drops I had were a bit startling. We can never really know what someone else hears (or sees), but can work on a consensus, which is what seems to be happening with the blind tests. Some (many) people appear to like or prefer a particular violin sound, but they are probably not hearing the same thing. Tim
  4. TimRobinson

    Self made instrument

    A photo from the National Library of Australia - a busker in Sydney in 1929. Interesting bow(s). I hope he made some money. Tim
  5. TimRobinson

    Instrument Photography Tent?

    I guess you know about this great resource: www.darntonviolins.com/violinmagazine/book/violin%20photography.pdf ?
  6. TimRobinson

    Shop made F hole drills

    I was recently in a wine growing area of NSW and one of the oldest vineyards - established in 1866 - had an historical display including coopering tools. This bung hole borer caught my eye in particular: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zcY9MITIy3xoDQSl1 No idea of its age - probably early 20th century, but it has the look of being based on something older. Clearly too big for an instrument but just what you need to get liquid from a cask! Also, plane freaks might be interested in these: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rl13B7NebWiAPq4t2 (Crocodile Dundee, if he had been a woodworker, might have said "That's not a jointer, this is a ..." Regards, Tim
  7. TimRobinson

    Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    Gee, that's a big pizza oven. Tim
  8. In terms of secondary sources for the project I guess you've read Beament's The Violin Explained: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-violin-explained-9780198167396?cc=au&lang=en& ? The sources in it would also be useful to explore. Regards, Tim
  9. I suspect you don't sail
  10. As one who is returning to sailing after 50 years, is the difference between power tools and human power analogous to the difference between power boats and yachts? Both will get you there, but in one it is about the journey. Tim
  11. TimRobinson


    What do you hear if you are colour blind? Tim (My head hurts)
  12. TimRobinson

    Cheapish tonewood places

    Possibly some of us amateurs (I'm assuming that includes you, a thousand apologies if it doesn't) might get together and do a bulk(ish) order. Hopefully there might be economies of scale in shipping. Some years ago when the AUD was strong against the EURO I bought enough sets to last me a bit. My making has slowed in the last few years but as soon as I can give up the full time work lark it will return. Tim
  13. TimRobinson

    Merry Christmas

    Belated season's greetings from somewhere Christmas is as it should be - not freezing cold :-) Saw this at the beach yesterday, brilliantly combined different traditions: Best wishes to all. Tim
  14. TimRobinson

    Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    I certainly had trouble with my first attempts. I developed an unhealthy interest in old planes and other tools. One that I bought, an Oz clone of a Stanley 6, is brilliant for centre joints. I hold the two halves in a vice and a few passes gives me a really great joint. Of course, as said above, the blade needs to be bloody sharp. I think the lesson is a well set up plane with a very sharp blade. You do not need to spend a squillion dollars on the plane - unless you really want to and SWMBO/HWMBO doesn't find out. Good luck. Tim
  15. TimRobinson

    Violin makers in Vietnam

    I'm afraid I have no more information and have not been to Vietnam since the 2007/8 trip. I'm not in the US (in Oz) so I don't know if there is a way to contact him from the US. I see from my 2007 post I had an email address. I think that is long gone, sadly. Regards, Tim