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  1. I live in a community with about 210 people and a there are a lot of musicians that go through a lot of strings. I would really like to find out how to become a strings dealer my self so I can provide them here at the community, no hassel of always driving to get strings, and I would be able to provide them at a very low price. I would need to be able to purchase a wide variety of course (d'addario violin, elixir guitar, etc..) and from one place. Does anyone know how I can acommplish this? I do appreciate any advice or ideas, thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks a million everyone for the awesome advice! Also, mostly to Austen, the band I am a part of now has a dvd out with some scenes of us performing, but it's mostly about our history. We play Irish music and have a ton of fun doing it. I say this because the whole band is "sefl-taughts" like me, so I would actually like Austen to hear some of us play to see how well the band came along. We're not professionals and I'm not bragging, but I also wouldn't go as far to say that self-taught is impossible Let me know if anyone would like to purchase a dvd! By the way, no problem StringDad, you have a beautiful daughter and her bowing looks splendid! Thank you all once more!
  3. Everywhere I go almost every violinist I see has a very relaxed rist, much more than mine is capable of being it seems. I've posted things on here before and so some may already know me, but I've played for about 4 years now and am 19 and have been self taught 99 percent of what I know. The strange thing is that the few professionals I have met and aquired a lesson from, have never mentioned something negative about my bowing, only positive things; except for needing work on triplets and becoming comfortable with the whole bow. I personally am very dis-satisfied with my bowing and feel like I lack the technicallity of it. I have a hard time using the whole bow for one thing (especially the end sloe to my hand), but worst of all I think my wrist could be much more loose and relaxed, but I can't figure out for the life of me why that is or how to fix it. Also, I almost always get a slight bounce on my down bows, but not on my up bows. Can anyone give me some pointers or some book to study, anything? I am quite the perfectionist! I am trying to arrange a lesson with a previous teacher to mention these things, but she was one of the ones that didn't mention anything specific about my bowing. Thanks for the advice to anyone who has any. Have a great day!
  4. Thanks a bunch for your advice. I'll try and find some teachers to watch. I've actually come up with three groups of three, three, and about six, in order as intermediate, beginner-intermediate, and just beginning. None of them know how to read music including me, and I teach totaly by ear. I've also learned 99 percent of what I know by ear. If there is anymore input I'll take all I can get. Thanks again, Paul
  5. I'm an Irish violin teacher and am looking to maybe get in contact with a teacher that has experience in group teaching. I need advice and someone with some experience that could give me directions or tips. I'm actually some what against group lessons, because I don't like crippling the more advanced players in the group in going further. I've been to a couple myself and for the most part I could have learned three times as much in a personal lesson. Nonetheless, I have a full time job except Friday, which is when I have to try and fit in thirteen students, which 90 percent of have school for half that day. So group lessons, like a beginners and intermediate class, seems like it would be the only way without quiting my job. There is certainly a couple individuals I would like to give personal lessons to, even on my time, and the rest, as long as I can get some gidance and advice, I guess I can see grouping them up into two groups, but I'm still somewhat afraid Can anyone help? thanks for reading
  6. Does anyone know where to get some beginners and up videos or dvds for the cello? I've managed to find one for an ultimate beginner, but need the next levels up from that. Any websites or info would be great! Thx
  7. I've never even handled a Cello in my life and I'm looking into learning one and need some input on where to buy one and how to pick it. I in no means want to rush this process, I'd like to find out everything I can first about their quality's and different styles etc.. before I purchase one. I of course need a somewhat cheep one and fit for a beginner. If anyone has advise I'm sure it would help greatly. Thanks all and have a great day! Paul
  8. I do my bowed triplets up, down, up I believe. It's actually kind of weird to try and explain them exactly to the "t," but I do notice that the triplet I can't achieve is when the bow is traveling up and you triplet going down, up, down. It's so much smoother that way and it even sounds much smoother, but I can't do it well at all. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good exercises for this and if it's possible to do both, or should I do one or the other, and so on. That would be a great help! On another subject, a friend of mine is looking for a place of info. on a bozouki (I'm not sure if that's how its spelled). Things like what kind to buy, price ranges, styles, etc.. That's Irish or Celtic style playing he will be doing if that helps any! Once again I would be much abliged for any help or information on these. Have a great day! Paul
  9. ok, do you know where I can find D,G, and E Minor scales in abc format? That's what I really want so I can practice and teach them. I know how to play Irish tunes very well, including all the ornamentation, I actually know over 100 Irish tunes and play in a band called Rivendell, but I am self taught and never learned my scales. I have a young friend who wants me to start teaching him the violin and from experience, I know that scales should be important for a beginner and I want to start him out the right way. So if I could somehow find a place to get those scales in abc format, since that's the only music I can read, then that would be great! Thanks again, Paul
  10. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find free IRISH violin scales in abc format on the internet? That would be great, thanks! Paul
  11. I have a viola that the tuning pegs tend to slip on it and it becomes continuously out of tune. Is there anyone on here that could give me info on how to fix this? Thanks Paul
  12. Could someone help out some more on my more specific questions? I really need some help there if anyone could do that for me it would be great! Thanks Paul
  13. Ok, that sounds great. I'd like to practice my scales and arpeggios, but I don't know where to find these things. I need some type of music learning book I can get to practice these things out of. Also, if I'm going to do scales and arpeggios out of a music book, then I've go to learn the notes of all the scales right? That's another problem I have, I don't know any of the notes on my violin, I'm strictly ear that's all there is to it. Like I was saying about my middle finger playing different places on the board then on other tunes, that just means the other tune is a different scale, right? I also was wondering if they have pratices strictly for triplets and rolls, like in say a music book. I'm saying like besides practicing them in a tune, I'm thinking this way I can scratch all the extra play in the tune and just do something like rolling my scales? Maybe I can improve on them faster that way, does anyone understand what I'm saying? To try and be more specific with my roll and triplet problems, I'd say for my rolls that sometimes I just don't get that second finger off and then it just sounds like a cut, or I'll miss with the first finger and the same thing. I think that is all just problems that smooth out when you practice-practice-practice porbably? On the triplets, it's a little more complicated...I think I can say that I can triplet on a down bow, but not on an up bow because I find myself going up-down-up! I have some tapes that Kevin Burke teaches tunes on and when he taught the triplet he said it was down-up-down, but I've never seemed to beable to do that! Anyway, that's about it. Hope that's a little more specific! Thanks for all the help everyone. Actually, if I can get enough help on here with books and such to get me going, I think I can handle without a teacher. Anyone else Think so? Paul
  14. Hullo everyone! Thanks everyone so much for responding! I didn't expect anyone to write because I've never seen an Irish fiddler on this board before, I'd just thought I give it it a try anyway! I'm not sure I have any direct questions, but I figure after we've talked about some general things that they will come up. I first started playing the fiddle when I was about 14, then I quit for about a year and a half and picked it up again in my late 15th year. I've played by ear and do not know how to read music and have never had a teacher, nor have I ever contacted an Irish fiddle teacher for information. I play in a band of 7 members including me. We call our selves Rivendell and sometimes we perform every Saturday night here at a Cafe in Selmer, TN. I can play over 80 Irish tunes and for most Irish players that's not much, but to me I can hardly remeber them all and it is a big acomplishment for me. Anyway, I have problems like unclear rolls, or I think I do triplets the wrong way because when I'm bowing down I seem to have a hard time getting them in, I also have a hard time with being flat or sharp because of the different notes that one finger can play and I don't know which I'm playing in various tunes, for example, in one tune my middle finger will play a different place on the finger board versus in another, the middle finger will play further up the board. Also, I've heard that not knowing how to read music will eventually cause trouble further down the road. Well, that's it so far and if anyone can help with all that it would be great! Any pointers or anything, I need everything I can get. Thanks again! Paul
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