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  1. Whoever created the feinviolins website should be shot... Don't mind me, i'm just being overcritical when I should be writing an essay.
  2. When cleaning, you find violin strings in odd places and wonder how they got there... When you have a violin calandar... When your license plate says "vln vla" (I saw someone with that...) Ftb.
  3. When asked what your hobbies are, playing the violin doesn't immediently come to mind because it's more like your life... Ftb.
  4. Ahh! It's alive!!! Now that's resurrection for ya. Ftb.
  5. I can't practice unless I've had a shower and I'm dressed for the day. FS
  6. Go with a Zeta...I've never played a Rave but I love my Zeta. http://www.zetamusic.com/products/list.asp?cat=1 FS
  7. I just got it today. I’ve only tried it on my electric violin, and it didn’t fit the violin all that well (the Zeta has a lip to help hold the shoulder rest in place and this Mach One has much smaller lips on the feet than Kuns and Wolf Forte Secondos so it doesn’t really grip the violin…). But it felt great! Preliminarily, I love it. Tomorrorow, after i've practiced my acoustic violin for a few hours, I'll let you guys know what I think. FS
  8. I guess it could be an early birthday present to myself...
  9. I just ordered a Mach One from Shar. It's supposed to be here by friday. Thanks, everyone! FS
  10. I heard it from someone on another forum and thought it was just wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed it too! FS.
  11. I just found this thread and I feel that I should reply because two of the sarcastic comments that Guta mentioned were directed at me. "Probably why you didn't get a response the first time" -Michael Darnton was entirely correct...The answer to my question was too broad to attract many replies. I should have asked something more specific. Before Mr. Darnton told me this, I hadn't known that I needed to be more specific and didn't know why no one answered. I was grateful that someone replied at all... "You appear to be the fly for which the flypaper of salesmanship was designed." -This comment was rather rude, but it really did not bother me as my self-esteem is quite high. I really didn't think there was much merit to the statement so I was unaffected. I don’t think I will be vulnerable to sales tactics because I will buy a violin based on how well I like the tone, not what the salesperson tells me… I may have been offended if I thought the statement more closely reflected reality. Mr. Darnton sent me a PM apologizing for his statement. I was not insulted and there was no harm done. But thank-you, Guta, for standing up for me. Mr. Darnton has been a wonderful source of information and I am immensely grateful for his help. I have learned much from reading his posts. I believe that Guta took offense to certain statements that others did not because of inherent differences in personalities. What seems like nothing to me may be very hurtful to someone else. As for the stars…I give everyone I rate a 5. When the system first came out, I was offended that I was only rated a 2. I’ve sense decided that the whole thing is pointless… "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just stand there." Fs
  12. Eureka! "In 1993, Oliveira also commissioned an exact copy of the “Stretton” del Gesu from Curtin & Alf in Michigan,which previously had copied one of his Strads. “the copy is fantastic,” he says. “It looks absolutely identical down to the last detail - including every nick, scratch, and patina change. The back wood - a very hard piece to match because of the very narrow grain on the ‘Stretton’ - is so identical as to be scary. And the sound is very similar in terms of timbre and character. I've played the copy with major orchestras and used it on recordings, and no one ever knew the difference until afterward - when I told them.”" http://josephcurtinstudios.com/news/string...ira_strings.htm Thanks for helping me find him! I feel like I'm making progress FS.
  13. Thanks to all who’ve replied! I apologize for wording my question so horribly. My real question is whether or not modern violinmakers can come close to reproducing the tone of a Strad or del Gesu and, if so, who can make these violins. I am ignorant in this subject and I am seeking general direction so that I know basically where to start when I do decide to buy a new violin (which may not be for another year). I agree that it is mainly the player who produces the sound, but a better violin will give a player more options. Tone is subjective. What sounds best to me may not sound best to you, but we should agree when there is a relatively major difference between two violins. So who do you believe makes the best sounding modern (maker still alive) violin? [best = your favorite tone]--I'm guilty of assuming that there is always one best...Thanks for correcting me, Dean Lapinel Thanks for helping me cure my ignorance! FS
  14. Thanks for replying. Is it safe to assume that if a violin is listed as a "fine instrument" by a reputable shop such as Bein & Fushi, Shar, and Ifshin it has a tone similar to that of a fine Italian violin? For example, Bein Fushi lists 3 modern makers after their Italian violins: Keisuke Hori, Takeshi Nogawa, and Tetsuo Matsuda. Do you (or anyone here) know how these generally compare to older instruments? I haven't played enough modern instruments to have a good feel for how they compare to older Italian violins. Thank-you!! Ftb. You're on Ifshin's website: "Michael Darnton, Chicago, 2000. (2 examples) Beautifully made and varnished work by this respected Chicago maker. Excellent tone with complexity and warmth"
  15. Thanks to all who've replied. If I have time, I may go to the violin shop tomorrow to try chin rests/shoulder rests until I find something. (The combo I bought last time I did that hurts if I play for a very long time.) If I don't find the perfect combo there, I will probably order this: http://www.sharmusic.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=1370+L+44&Cat= I've heard great things about them! Ftb.
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