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  1. Well i do appreciate the information and even more importantly, the education! Thank you as always.
  2. I suppose the 500,000 Euros "deal" I got on this "Strad" will have to be reconsidered given these facts which are coming to light. Come on, gents. Any chance of an actual time / place guess? e.g., Mittenwald ca. 1880? I don't see the delta at the back of the scroll, nor the one piece lower rib (2 pieces), nor the funky saddle, nor a through neck. It fails Addie's quiz. Further, the fiddle seems well made, not wonky "vernacular" work... ?
  3. French ca. 1850? Thanks for any opinions.
  4. Цигулката, подарък от Алберт Лихт, 1942г. (Violin, a gift from Albert Licht, 1942; courtesy http://www.vascoabadjiev.com/en/gallery.html )
  5. What this discussion, with all its detours, fails to take into account (tellingly, in my view) is a wildcard: the wow factor. Meaning, a violinist on the level of Heifetz who makes instruments which surpass Stradivari's. I'm referring of course to David Burgess. Carry on.
  6. ...and to think that she plays her ca. 1900 Markneukirchen Strad copy like a cello ! Seriously, too much awesomeness.
  7. "Up to 1760, the violin was a handmade object." Interesting assertion.
  8. Robert - have you tried Dominant Weich (thin gauge)? You might find this interesting.
  9. Ben and Martin attempt to give the OP good, conservative advice about varnish and antiquing, but this belies their true feeling on the subject. I hate to have to be the one to do this, but in the interest of truth and decency it would be wrong of me not to reveal some private confessions which I have received from these gentlemen [sic] on the subject; I will excerpt for reader convenience: Ben - "The most logical thing would be to put some [expletive deleted] whale oil all over the [scatological reference deleted] instrument and set the [instrument] [expletive deleted] afire; this will add a more realistic [expletive] patina." Martin - "Here in Scotland we would soak the bloody instrument in single malt for a period of 12 years per local laws; this would even out the varnish issue, improve tone, and spread the whale lamp soot into the areas of soft summer growth more authentic'ly. After soaking I would smoke the instrument in a peat shed for 2 days, all the while drinking heavily. Finally I would give the instrument the highest possible rating on my sound comparison chart and sell it to a collector in Asia, for a small fortune. But that's just how I roll. Please don't mention this to anyone." Happy New Year!
  10. I think it was Jacob (or was it Addie?) who revealed for novice violin id'ers like me that the little "delta" at the base of the scroll fluting is a distinctly "germanic" trait. Also if the front fluting ends at 6 o'clockish and doesn't go all the way through that is another clue.
  11. Fear not. If you missed the disappeared Rocca, here's another - a collaboration with Pressenda, no less. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pressenda-Rocca-Violin-/251206274682?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a7d0f8e7a
  12. That's possible, but the seller of the Rocca had recent transactions which have to be "completed" prior to the "no longer a registered user" red flag taking effect. But you may be right. Either way, interesting timing.
  13. Forgot to mention, Happy New Year, Ken, I mean Caspace !
  14. Hi Martin and Dan, you are both correct - the listings remain searchable for 3 months UNLESS the eBay seller in question gets shut down for an offence such as shill bidding or fraudulent misrepresentation. It seems that an alert member of the online violin community (perhaps someone here?) must have alerted eBay's "trust and safety" dept., and the seller was either suspended or permanently shut down. Poor guy. That's no way to ring in the New Year, now is it?
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-old-fine-Italian-violin-BRESIAN-ATTRIBUTED-TO-GAETANO-PASTA-1753-/221171958349?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337ee0424d Like that scroll !
  16. Got mine today, brilliant, many thanks Lyndon. Lovely sounding instruments and greatly skilled perfomer. Addictive. I will admit that I wasn't expecting the bonus hardcore porn DVD "Keyboard Action", but I suppose it is just another feather in your cap. (Impressive acrobatics; you're quite flexible, I must say.)
  17. Roumanian?? What brand are the copies? Curious to see those, thanks.
  18. Brilliant and deeply enigmatic, Ben. Worthy of Mahakasyapa. The punctuation mark which says so much...and leaves so much to ponder... You humble us, sir.
  19. I wondered the same thing; can't zoom in much but the grain does seem to continue. Moreover, shouldn't there be peg re-bushing on a violin of deConet vintage? Also, why no frontal shot of the scroll (to see the graft better) and why all the mood lighting. Also, I note a pattern of sellers with at or near 100% bidding activity participating in these same listings and re-listings again and again. Again, the question is "why?"
  20. Martin, thank you for your reply; points duly noted. I wonder what you and others might opine as to the seller's "Michele deconet"? I note your previous discussion of "moody" photos. Penny for your thoughts - http://www.ebay.com/itm/old-Italian-violin-Michele-Deconet-1783-/261139742386?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ccd243eb2&nma=true&si=CA52E%2BFJkUoc04KJylaX4JUfELM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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