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  1. Right you are, sir. An epiphany just in time for Chinese New Year!
  2. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually starting to like you, Caspace. Kudos to you.
  3. In my opinion, you're dead wrong (again). There is nothing you or anyone else can point out that is in violation. No specific names are mentioned, for starters. Next, just because you don't agree is no reason to "report". I'm afraid your argument just doesn't have a leg to stand on.
  4. I don't think you should attempt to act as an enforcer or mouthpiece for the moderator or the forum in general. Who are you?
  5. This raises a more interesting question - which are considered good repair videos on Youtube?
  6. Speaking as an American, I'd say that this fiddle is utter crap. But maybe it's good for a beginning student.
  7. It's also quite refreshing not to have Jacob Saunders call something yet another "usual rubbish" Schonbach box, late 19th century with fake certificate. And frankly I'm relieved that, for once--just this once--, I won't have to deal with the inevitable follow-up barrage of Saunders' caustic hate-emails berating me and demanding I "justify my f***ing existence", etc., etc.
  8. This is actually interesting. Do you mind disclosing (in general terms only, of course) what tripped you up and also how you dealt with the situation? How did you later find out it was a copy?
  9. Mr. Pedersano, we invite you to (re-)introduce yourself and cite any sources and credentials outside your own fairly active imagination.
  10. Same here. I don't like being "logged in" automatically.
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