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  1. Hey! I haven't posted here for a while so I'm not sure if anyone still remembers me. Anyways, I recently purchased a Victor Fetique bow with a head graft (repair). It is gold mounted and everything else is in mint condition. I have two questions 1) How much do Fetique bows, gold mounted, go for these days and... 2) How much does a broken head reduce the value by (I remember something like 30% of original value but I'm not positive). Thanks for all your responses in advance!
  2. Hello! I haven't posted on here for a while but I finally found a bow that I am very interested in buying. It is from a fairly honest reputable shop in the Bay Area but does not come with a certificate. They claim it is a C. Thomassin. I have taken images of the bow and uploaded them to my website- I was wondering if any of you bow experts could take a look at them and maybe help me out! Anyways, thanks for all the help in advance! http://min.workingsouls.com/misc/button.jpg http://min.workingsouls.com/misc/frog.jpg http://min.workingsouls.com/misc/tip.jpg
  3. Is anyone selling old issues of the Strad? Or know of any places that do sell old issues? I'd love to get my hands on a complete set of old issues or issues from around 94 to present. I noticed that there was an auction for 60 issues of Strad and 54 issues of Strings so I might bid on that. I love reading violin magazines!
  4. Has anyone ever used a Ultraleggero Musafia case? I need a case that is pretty damn strong, because I am going to Italy over the summer touring with my youth orchestra and I want to make sure my violin is well protected. Are there any cases around $400 that compare to the Musafia? Thanks!
  5. I need a new strong beautiful violin case:D Anyone have any idea where I can get one relatively cheap? Thanks!
  6. I just turned 17 (junior). The violist and cellists are both seniors (17 also) and the other violinist is a sophomore (15 or 16 (dont remember). Does anyone know what people usually play at Fischoff? Cuz we might want to add a piece to show "contrast". Any suggestions? Thanks for all your comments:D
  7. Hey everyone! I haven't posted here for a while but my quartet recently recorded two pieces for the Fischoff National Competition and we got into the semi-finals. I'd appreciate any critique out there- we really need to improve a lot! The more criticisms the better! Compliments are good too though. Or Kudos...or Congratulatory Messages...nevermind Enjoy! www.haxorcubed.com/~justin/shostyquartet.mp3 Shos. Quartet No. 8 Second Movement www.haxorcubed.com/~justin/ravelquartet.mp3 Ravel String Quartet 1st Movement THANKS!
  8. My duet partner and I recently won a local ensemble competition playing the pieces Sarasate Navarra and Prokofiev Sonata for 2 violins. As a result, we move on to the state competition. Or not. Apparantly, we have broken these rules: IV. ELIGIBILITY A. Rules for all contestants 3. No professional performers may compete in any category, but they may accompany a soloist. Musicians devoting a portion of their time performing for a fee are considered professional. C. Rules for Ensembles - Instrumental and Vocal 1. The appropriate category of an ensemble will be determined by the average ages, including months, of all the members. 3. In all ensembles, the same instrumentation and student performers must be used for both selections. Our professional accompanist is counted in our ensemble (God knows why?), and not a "student", so we are disqualified. Also, since the Prokofiev is for two violins and not for two violins and a piano, we are disqualified again. Opinions, please!
  9. I'm paying a visit to Mr. Feller's violin shop in San Francisco tomorrow to look for a bow to accompany my Sannino violin. Has anyone been there recently and spotted something spectacular? or does anyone have any other reccomendations of violin shops around that area or private dealers? Thanks! (sorry for 2 posts)
  10. Hey! I haven't posted here in a while- wonder if anyone even remembers me I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites of competitions in California as well as National Competitions for age group (up to 18) and for solo as well as chamber music. I was also looking for a prestigious summer chamber music camp to attend and I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations. Thanks!
  11. Hello, does anyone happen to know where I can buy a video or dvd of the Bartok Violin Concerto Number 2 and where I could buy it. I would also be interested in hearing anyones favorite recording of the concerto and if anyone has the music with fingerings (i love to compare different styles/fingerings). Thank you!
  12. If a violin vibrates more on the bottom (you can feel it like an earthquake) does it mean it projects more then one where you can't feel the bottom shaking as much? Thanks!
  13. I am trying to develop the other side of my playing (more of a fine type melodic side), and my teacher keeps telling me to look for "my tone". To help me with this, he gave me Dvorak Romance and told me to look over it this week. Here is a short clip (after one day) www.dweebsunite.com/justin/tone.wav Please give me some comments on how I can develop a better tone, and if anyone has any advice regarding the bow, vibrato, that would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Does anyone use a dampit and what is a good brand/model that I can get for cheap? Thanks!
  15. I'm guessing their all competition winners, for all the accompanists are different.
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